Do You Wear Socks With Water Shoes?

If you ever went canoeing, kayaking or taken part in any other form of water sports or adventure, then chances are you have probably worn a pair of water shoes. Water shoes protect your feet from getting cut, bruised or sore with its unique mesh material and it also drains away the water. Most of the times a water shoe is enough to protect and secure your feet. But during other times a water shoe is probably is not enough. You may need an extra layer of protection.However, if you are out in the snow, the extra protection would most likely be warm socks for this winter season. But what do you do to get that protection? And where do you get that protection? Do you wear socks with water shoes?So let’s get into the weeds and see if someone has to wear socks with water shoes or not.

Do You Wear Socks With Water Shoes

Do you wear socks with water shoes?

First of all, some water shoes may not offer the warmth or cold needed under aquatic conditions. Or in other words, a water shoe may not be suitable for temperature. Think about it when you are underwater you may expect your feet to be adequately taken care of by your gears so that when it is too cold your feet stay warm and when it is too hot your feet stays relatively cool.  If you think that your water shoes are not doing its job correctly when it comes to keeping your feet at an optimal and soothing temperature than you may need to wear a sock.

What type of sock do I wear?

neoprene socks for water shoes

But wait a minute, you can’t just wear any type of sock and expect your feet to be protected. You need to wear particular kind of sock. So don’t make the mistake of wearing ordinary socks which is the same as not wearing any protective shoes at all. And the socks you need to wear are called neoprene socks. If I were you, I wouldn’t wear cotton socks cause cotton socks get wet and do very little in controlling the temperature of your feet. Neoprene socks are made out of wetsuit materials. They aid in controlling the temperature as well as protect your feet

These socks can help you out when you are trekking in a watery terrain because water shoes have vents and holes, and rocks, pebbles, gravels and other tiny sharp and rough objects may get inside your water shoes and rub your skin off. They also protect your skin from getting blisters and irritation because your water shoe and the soles of your feet keep rubbing against each other under sandy and dirty conditions.They also protect your feet from rubbing raw.

How do you choose a neoprene sock?

You may also need to purchase a neoprene sock that does not soak your feet in its perspiration. To get such a sock, you need to make sure that the socks have holes in them. The vents help the sweat to get out. 

How Do You Choose a Neoprene Sock

You should also buy a sock that can is stretchy otherwise when your feet are underwater in a cold area your blood circulation may get hampered and in turn, cause your feet to get even colder which is probably not a good thing. Make sure the socks have nylon jersey. The nylon jersey fuses perspiration and directs it towards the holes making it evaporate. Without the holes in the sock the feet would get soaked in its own perspiration. The downside of the holes is that it also lets external moisture getting in and building up inside, but this moisture eventually warms up. It is kinda like swimming underwater or scuba diving wearing a wetsuit. No matter how much water gets inside the wetsuit remains insulated. That’s because the neoprene socks are made of the same material as wetsuits.


So if you are into any kind of water sports whether it is canoeing, kayaking, surfing or anything else then wearing a sock or a neoprene sock to be precise under the water shoe will help you get that extra layer of protection and temperature control that you deserve. So I hope this article helped you get the answer to the question “do you wear socks with water shoes?". And speaking of water shoes if you are wondering about purchasing a water shoe then this guide on the top 10 best water shoes may help you out in making a better purchasing decision. And if you want to know what water shoes are? Then this article may also help you.

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