How to Clean a Tower Fan?

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Tower fans, like any other fan will build up dirt over time. There are also dirt particles that will be on the inside. For this reason, your fan will benefit if you clean it every year. By doing this it will provide you with reliable and safe operational performance. If any of your family members have allergies, you should clean it even more regularly. The biggest problem is that it is not as easy to clean a tower fan as it is with the other fans. This is mainly due to how the tower fan is constructed.

Steps You Need to Follow for Cleaning Tower Fan

Step 1: Materials You Need

Cleaning brush

Air compressor

Head screwdriver

A small bowl

Protective mask

Ensure that you follow all the instructions that are in the manual. You have to remember that best tower fan in the market always come with different designs and features. You should be very careful with the kind of cloth you use as some of them have a specific type of cloth that you should use.

Step 2: Cleaning the Rare Panel

The first step is to unplug the fan and put it in an area where you can move comfortably as you clean it. It is very important that you put on the protective gear no matter how uncomfortable it is. Your eyes and lungs should be safe from the debris and dust. You should detach your fan from the panel by unscrewing it. Place the screws in a bowl so that you do not lose them.

Shake the can that has compressed air for one minute. If you are using an air compressor blow off all the dust and debris that is on the panel. After cleaning it with the air compressor, turn the fan on at a temperature of 180 degrees. Use your cleaning brush to remove the remaining dirt and dust off your tower fan.

Step 3: Disassemble The Tower Fan

The first step is finding a safe and clean place where you can work on the tower fan. Put on the eyewear and protective mask so that you can avoid issues with dust and dirt particles. If you do not put them on, they will get into your eyes and lungs when you are cleaning.

If possible, remove the base of the tower fan so that it is possible to handle and manage the fan easier. Though this step is not important to make it easier for you to clean the fan.

Remove all the screws that are on the back of the fan. It is quite easy to find where the screws are and the number of screws will depend on the model and make. If it becomes hard to find where the screws are, you should carefully look for them behind the plastic tabs; this is where most of them are concealed.

Once you remove the screws, there are latches and clips that still hold the panel in place. At this point, you have to be keen and know how to remove the locking mechanisms and clips. You will need to place some force in order to get the fan open. However, you should not put in too much force as this might damage the plastic housing.

After removing the rear panel, you should remove more screws that are inside the fan, they are the ones that hold the fan in place. Generally, there are two screws at the top and bottom of each cylinder. Put the screws in a safe place until the next time you will need them.

Step 4: Cleaning the Vent of Tower Fan

You should use compressed air to clean the vents of your fan. This tool will give you the best results. It will get rid of all the dust and dirt, which was building up inside your fan. It would be best if you moved the fan outside to avoid blowing dust and dirt inside your house.

It is easy to purchase compressed air; you can get it in a hardware store or local office supply. You should be extra careful with the can of compressed air, to avoid getting liquid instead of gas. Direct the pressure on all exposed surfaces that have dirt. You should place extra concern on the vents. Ensure that you start from the top as you slowly work your way down.

If you notice there is any dust or dirt on your vent after you have used compressed air, use a brush, and get rid of anything that remains. You may also use a dump clothing to clean the plastic parts of the vent. Make sure that the vent is fully dry before you start using it.

There are other tools you can use to clean your vent, they include a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment. A vacuum is an effective tool as it sucks in all the dirt from the appliance.

Step 5: Clean and Lubricate the Tower Fan Motor

After opening your tower fan and removing the cylinder, you can lubricate your fan to avoid squeaking or other noises that it might make. You should start by removing the washers and screws that keep the motor in place. Once all the screws are apart, you should remove the top housing of your motor. By doing this you will be able to see all the components on the inside.

You should apply lubricant or grease on the shaft that rotates so that it stops producing noise. Most of the noise in your fan comes from this area. It is equally important you apply grease on all the moving parts. Use a high quality lubricant like the car grease or white lithium grease. The grease you choose ought to be heat resistant, hardwearing, and long lasting. Make sure you remove the old lubricant before you apply any new one.

Wrap It Up

The above guide will help you clean your fan so that you increase the number of years it will serve you. By cleaning your tower fan, you ensure that the air that circulates inside your house is clean and much healthier.


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