How To Clean Carpeted Stairs (3 easy steps)

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Having to go up a set of stairs is too tiresome to be left bare despite the fact that it is easy to get cleaning job done without any carpet on. But that does not mean having the safety of landing and the scene of beauty may prevent you from having a clean staircase. So now arises the question of how to clean carpeted stairs when there are so many dirty shoes digging into the soft surface and what is the best way to do so.

So How To Clean Carpeted Stairs?

  • Firstly clean off the large debris using a broom or stiff brush starting from top to bottom of the stairs. These are the dirt that vacuuming cannot take out.
  • Vacuuming the carpet may be troublesome if it is not meant for the specific task of cleaning the stairs. For vacuuming, a powerful handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is the best choice you can make to move up and down the stairs without putting the strain on the cable. Long cables may also suffice for the job if it is light weight and the nozzle is fit enough to get to all the creases and corners.
  • Shampooing the stairs comes next to get rid of the stains. Many lightweight vacuum cleaners have extensions that allow you to shampoo, rinse and dry the carpet at once. Although that may cross the reasonable budget limit, buying an extension or a 2 in one carpet and stairs vacuum cleaner is never a waste of money.

In case you don't have the necessary items, shampooing by hand using the scrub brush is no less effective. Apply the shampoo with extra care in the dirty areas. Work from the top of the stairs and all the way to the bottom. To avoid mold due to moist or damp fabric, use a wet/dry vacuum on each stair after shampooing or an absorbent towel of you don't have a wet/dry vacuum. Let it dry for as long as you can, preferably for half a day.

Final Verdict

It is advised to vacuum daily in case of dense footsteps. Shampooing could be done twice a month or even once if the traffic was difficult to manage. Vacuuming carpeted stairs don't only keep it clean and out of soils and debris, it also prevents wear and tear elongating the lifetime of your carpet.

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