How to Wear A Knee Brace?

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Knee braces are actually used for reducing pain in your knee to help you recover from severe injury or a surgery. A good knee brace limits your motion to give you a better feel. The sense of relief and warmth it gives to your knee is very assuring. While most of us don’t know how to wear a knee brace, It is quite necessary to get the optimum result out of it. Knowing why knee braces are needed can help you be more decisive before making any purchases. Also What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Knee Brace?

Here is a sequential description of proper ways of putting on a knee brace:

Choosing The Right Style Brace:

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    Choosing the right style of the brace is essential for your recovery. The type of brace required will depend on the severity and kind of injury you have. A simple compression sleeve will do if you have a mild sprain. For more serious tears and fractures, you will need a heavier-duty hinged brace that has plastic or metal reinforcement.
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    An experienced Orthopedics is the most appropriate one to choose your knee brace. Like if you have Meniscus Tears, You might like some special braces with good flexibility.
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    It is essential for the brace to be in a size that fits you. Sizes that are usually displayed on the labels, and in most of the cases, these braces come in standard sizes.

Pull The Brace over your knee:

Make sure you roll up your pant leg to make it easier to pull your brace over your knee. Slip your foot into the top of the brace (the area where it broadens to fit into your thighs) and out through the bottom. You want to place a pad against your knee and then wind the straps around when tying a wrap style brace.

Centering Brace On Your Kneecap:

How to Wear A Knee Brace

Almost every brace has a small hole in front of them. It indicates the way the brace should go on. If worn correctly, the point of your kneecap should be visible through this hole. It renders good comfort and ensures proper ventilation. Make sure your skin is not compressed or pinched.

Tighten The Straps:

Tightening the straps is not at all needed in case of compression sleeves. If there are any additional straps, guide these around the back of the brace simultaneously and secure them with the velcro strips. Your brace should be snug enough to hold the injured part, but loose enough to walk freely.

Following The Doctor’s Word:

Always trust your physician, when comes to treating an injury or recovering from a surgery. They are well informed and able to tell you how to put on a knee brace. Ask them how to wear knee brace, how long you will need to wear it. They will tell you all the do’s and don’t’s. You may need to wear the brace throughout the whole day to avoid getting reinjured. Never hesitate to ask your doctor questions regarding your knee brace. Many people may have meniscus tears and they probably need to wear specific knee braces for that particular kind of injury as per physicians advice.

Wearing a knee brace is a must if you are injured. You can remain one step ahead just by knowing how to wear a knee brace. I hope this article helped you with necessary information in a sequential way. 

People with back pain may also find wearing back braces kinda like a quick healer.

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