Top Must Have Beauty Products for Summer 2019

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Are you already preparing your best look for summer 2019? With the autumn months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get ready and plan out some of the products that you will be using to get your desired look. We have collected some of the top must have beauty products for your 2019 style, giving you the best ideas for what to add to your makeup bag.

1.  Virtue Restorative Mask

This isn’t for your face, but instead for your hair, and it is packed full of keratin to help repair and restore your natural lustre. Made to repair and rebuild, you will be left with hair that feels better and healthier, as well as looking better than ever before.

2. Leonor Sensitive Scalp Treatment

In the summer months, you can find yourself with a very dry scalp, and this can cause redness as well as general scalp irritation. In order to combat the discomfort, you should try this fantastic sensitive scalp treatment from Leonor. A roll-on oil, it is really easy to apply, and will leave your scalp feeling moisturised and relieved once you wash it out.

3. Dior Backstage Foundation

Want to keep your colour even? This foundation has been made for your face and body, as well as coming in over 40 different shades so that you can find the perfect one. The fact that it is resistant to sweat, and water makes it ideal for use in the summer months, especially as it won’t cake up in the heat. Instead, it leaves you with a clear and even finish that looks completely natural.

4. Glow Jelly Sheet Mask

Aside from watermelon being delicious, it is also packed with water and super hydrating. This particular watermelon mask has been made to moisturise and soothe the skin, making it an essential part of any summer kit – as well as one to consider using after a long and hot day at the beach.

5. Avene Exfoliating Skin Gel

Body scrubs can be quite harsh on the skin, but that is not the case with this great product from Avene. It is gentle on the skin, so it won’t feel scratchy or harsh in any way, and it uses cooling thermal water to calm the skin on your legs and arms. Smoothing the skin and leaving it feeling hydrated, it is the perfect option for anyone.

6. Glossier Lash Stick

This mascara is so easy to use, that even those who really struggle with the application will find themselves impressed by this excellent piece of kit. It leaves your lashes lifted and lengthened in a way that appears natural – so you have eyes that are luscious, highlighted, and look amazing.

7. Drunk Elephant Sunshine Serum

This tanning product has a low carbon footprint to promote sustainability and a healthier planet. Not only is it great for getting a natural looking tan, but it is also full of anti-oxidants to help moisturise your skin and strengthen its natural barriers. With a gorgeous yet subtle bronze, you will look like you’ve been soaking up the sun without taking in too many UV rays.

8. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

This particular tanning lotion is entirely natural, so you don’t need to worry about chemicals or other unwanted ingredients being included. Plus, it is completely vegan friendly, and no animals were used in the testing of the product. It’s a great way to get a self-tan that looks and feels good, without any potential damage to your skin. It’s even hypoallergenic for those that are more sensitive.

To Conclude

With so many different products out there, there is no doubt that it can be hard to choose which ones are going to work best for you and your body. However, this article should hopefully be able to shed some light on what you need and the products that you should try. After all, you have a lot of time to plan, test, and prepare your bag of tricks for next summer.

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