Under what conditions is the correct bra usually found?

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The entire bras that exist in the world are suitable for some specific woman. For this reason there are certain parameters based on standard measures that allow each woman to find the size that best fits her breasts.

However, although many women know sizes, a large percentage of them use their bra incorrectly. This in the long run can give rise to numerous problems, and it is right here where using a measure chart is basic to determine the piece that works best for you. Keep in mind that bra is used for two specific functions: hold and enhance. When the measure is inadequate it is very likely that one of these functions or even the two do not happen.

So what characteristics will you find in support really suitable for your figure? If you are able to identify them, then be sure that bra will perform very well its functions and will not mistreat your breasts in any way. Let's see:


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    It is quite common for many women to use bra that is a bit large, especially those that are very thin or have a small chest. This generates an important inconvenience, since the most important function of a bra is being suppressed in a great percentage: to hold.
  • ‚ÄčThe bra should adjust the chest well, but without pressing it. It must not generate any type of crease or mark on the contour, but it also cannot be too loose.
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    To verify that the contour is adequate, simply raise the arms and lean to the left and right. If the bra does not change position, then you are using the correct piece.
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    No more than two of your fingers should pass under the back band; otherwise it will not be long before you feel the bra a little loose.
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    Likewise, rest assured that the band is completely horizontal. It should not be up in any way.


  • Make sure there is no crease or that the cup protrudes from the top of the breasts
  • Verify that the cup does not press the chest. When this happens usually folds of the breast are formed towards the armpit area.
  • Similarly, if you have rings then make sure that it is positioned just below the chest, properly in the chest (in the place where you determined your band measure)


  • In some pieces, the straps are not adjustable. In these cases it is pertinent to ensure that the piece does not remain large, since otherwise we would suppress the second elementary function of a fastener: enhance.
  • Find a midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow, since it is just at this level where the most protruding part of the breast should be. Then, adjust the straps until they are at that point.
  • Make sure that the position of the straps does not change the position of the band on the back.

With the measures provided in Tuffwomen you can locate the correct measurement of the band and the cup. Once you have it, it will be a matter of making the necessary adjustments, seeking the correct position of these three fundamental elements.

A poorly used bra may end up causing the opposite of what is expected. The bra is designed to hold, and make some pressure against gravity; if there is something that faces this force that generates its descent, then your breasts will look toned and well contoured for much longer.

Also note that there are add-ons for all these elements. An example of this is the rings inside the cups. In most sizes, this piece is not really important, as it is very common to deform over time when careful washing is not done on the piece. However, in cups C or greater, these pieces contribute to provide greater support to the breasts. And this does not hurt in any way (if you use the correct size).

Choosing a good bra is not so simple. It is important to have a good knowledge about our figure before making a purchase. Using this knowledge and fundamental tools such as the size chart is the basic step to choose the most suitable pieces for our body. Remember that the bra does not work like a blouse, whose function is merely superficial. This really must go according to our anatomy.

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