What is the best laptop for a small business owner?

If you have a small business, you will need to do many works using a laptop. It is important to choose the right laptop so that you can do the works efficiently. As a small business owner, you need to know about the latest laptops that are in the market. So, what is the best laptop for a small business owner? Here, we are going to suggest you some of the best laptops for small business

Tips for choosing a small business laptop

The best business laptops have slimline designs and cutting-edge productivity. You need to consider a number of factors before purchasing a laptop for your small business. The type of laptop you choose will depend on the type of your business. Here are some things you need to consider:


You should first set up a budget for buying a laptop. Your business may not require a top-of-the-line laptop; so don’t overspend. Laptops that are in the range of $600 to $900 will meet the needs of most professional business users. These laptops will have various security features so that your business data remains protected. You can get the best laptop under 600 review if you are looking for an affordable laptop of high quality.


The low-end CPUs are not recommended for business use. Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processors are recommended for most businesses. You can easily multitask on these machines.

Memory and storage

You should buy a laptop with at least 4 GB RAM. The combined storage capacity of your laptop should be minimum 2456 GB.


You should decide whether you want to buy a traditional laptop or a hybrid. You can use the hybrid laptops as stand-alone tablets. In some of the modern laptops, you can detach the keyboard from the screen completely.


For business users, the keyboard is an important factor to consider. If the laptop is smaller in size, the keyboard will be smaller too. If you have to work on the laptop for long hours, then it can be tiresome to work on a small keyboard.


If you have to travel with your laptop often, then you should buy a laptop that is lightweight. In such can you may have to sacrifice the size of your screen and keyboard. If you are looking for a laptop that is portable, you should go for a device that weighs less than 3 pounds.

Battery life

If you travel a lot and work on the go, then you will need a laptop with a long battery life. So, buy a laptop that has good battery life.

What is the best laptop for a small business owner?

You will find many different models of a laptop in the market that are ideal for a small business owner. Here we have narrowed down some of the best laptops for you.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The Lenovo laptops are popular for providing smaller and thinner designs with no compromise on functionality. This laptop will give you the best value for money. It has a battery life of up to 15.5 hours. It has a fast charging feature, and you can get your laptop charged only in an hour. If you are looking for a top quality portable laptop, then this is the one for you.

Dell XPS 13

If you have to travel a lot, then this laptop is a great choice. It is lightweight and so is easy to carry. You can get it for under $800. It has 7th Generation Intel Core i3-7100U processor, 128GB solid state hard drive and 4GB of memory. There are lots of ports where you can insert your SD card reader, headset jack, USB, etc.

HP Spectre x360

It is a hybrid laptop. It looks great and is very helpful for sharing business data. It has Windows 10 Home 64 operating system and 8 to 16GB memory. The battery life is great.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

It has Intel Core i5-i7 processor and 8 GB to 16 GB RAM. You can get up to 1TB SSD. The hardware of this laptop is much improved than it’s the previous version. It is ideal for your small business.

Huawei MacBook X Pro

With 8th generation Intel Core i5-i7 processor, it is a very powerful laptop for small businesses. You can get storage of 512 GB SSD. The design is beautiful, and it is portable. It has excellent battery life.

The competition is fierce in this market. The laptop manufacturers are continuously coming up with better products. As a small business owner, you need to spend hours in front of the laptop. So, it’s worth doing some research to find the best laptop for your business. A good laptop will improve the productivity of your business.

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