5 Things to know before Installing Vinyl Siding on your Home

Vinyl siding, or cladding, is one of the most popular options for many homes. This is because it is one of the cheapest options available, provides fantastic protection for your home, and will improve your insulation, effectively reducing your energy bill.

However, before you rush out and order your palliside cladding, you can learn more here about this specific type; you should ensure you are aware of the following 5 pre-installation issues:

Material Choice

There are many different types of siding on offer. While vinyl cladding is desirable as the cheapest option, for a little extra you can create a completely different look and feel to your home. Wood, fiber cement and even metal are all attractive options. 

Once your cladding is up you’ll be stuck with it for at least 10 years; it’s important to take a few minutes first to consider the options.


Again, vinyl comes off well in the maintenance issues. In general vinyl, cladding will need a pressure wash and a visual inspection every year, and that’s it.

If you’re considering treated wood then you’re probably going to need to retreat it several times during its lifetime. You’ll also have to scrub it regularly to prevent fungal growth.

Metal will also need a lot of attention, while fiber cement needs virtually none.

Choosing The Right Firm

It’s important to choose a local firm that has a good reputation. This will ensure the job is done properly, premium products are used, and you have a decent warranty to cover the work; just in case of any issues.

If the firm you’re looking at doesn’t offer this then you’re t the wrong firm.

Professional sliding fitters will do more than a professional job. They will do it quickly and avoid harassing you in the process. Your house could be transformed in just a day or two!

The Resale

You may not be thinking about reselling your house at the moment but you should consider its value before you commit to any cladding. While sliding will reduce energy bills and make your home look more attractive, it won’t always give you back the money you’ve invested.

If you’re thinking about moving you may want to choose vinyl siding as this is the cheapest, yet still stylish option. In short, I will help you to sell your house without spending all your profit.

Consider The Environment

Most cladding products now include additional insulation, to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, you should also consider the environmental impact of the cladding you have chosen, composite cladding is the most environmentally friendly while vinyl can be the least. If the environment is important to you then you need to check the manufacturing process before you sign the order form.

Once you’ve chosen the right cladding, fitting is surprisingly easy and you’ll have a revitalized home to enjoy.

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