Affordable DIY House Improvements

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Perhaps you've moved into a fixer-upper, or you've been in your current home for so long, it needs a small facelift. Whatever the reason, you may be itching to have some renovations done on your home.

But while your home is in desperate need of some upgrades, you probably don't want to fork out the money to a professional to have it done. This is especially wasteful if you're experienced in DIY projects.

Here are some affordable DIY house improvements you can do if you're handy around the home.

Repaint Your Walls

If your wall paint is chipping or fading, it can drag the atmosphere of a room down. This means it's a perfect time to repaint them!

Think about if you want to keep the original color or change it to a bold, new one. We suggest the latter choice since it can give you that breath of fresh air without having to completely remodel your home.

Redo Your Wallpaper

If you're not a fan of painting, perhaps you'd like to redo your wallpaper instead. Again, you can go with something similar to the old style, or you can choose to go completely wild with it.

Most wallpapers come as self-adhesive, which means you won't have to prepare the glue yourself. All you have to do is peel off the backing, and adhere it to the wall. It's like a giant sticker!

Replace Your Appliances

Sure, your microwave might still work (albeit just two buttons), but do you really trust it to work safely after two decades? Not only is there the safety issue, but there's the energy use aspect as well.

If you have any appliances that are older than 20 years old, consider replacing them with newer, more beautiful models. It may seem like a huge investment upfront, but with the energy-saving powers and safety features they have, they'll pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

Hang Up a Medicine Cabinet

Always running out of space in the bathroom and wish you could get more? Then consider hanging up a medicine cabinet.

If you have a current mirror up already, simply replace it with the medicine cabinet by mounting it on the wall. This type of cabinet will be a lot easier to install than a recessed one since you'll have to drill through the drywall and find the perfect place to mount it.

Get a New Showerhead

The showerhead you have can make all the difference between a decent shower and an amazing one. If yours have been lackluster, consider switching showerheads.

Replacing your showerhead is an easy project that'll have everyone in the house thanking you for it. Plus, if you find an energy-efficient showerhead, it can help you save on your future water bills.

Install Vinyl Siding

Is your siding getting old and worn out? Then it's time for a quick DIY project to replace it!

Most vinyl siding comes with full instructions so you have clear knowledge on how to install it yourself. If you choose to install it yourself, you can cut costs by half compared to having it installed by a professional!

Install a Ceiling Fan

There's always that one room in the house that runs hotter than the others. You and your family members may shy away from using it, which is a shame since it's a decent space in your home.

Try and encourage your loved ones to hang out in there by installing a ceiling fan. That way, you won't have to run up the electricity bill by using the air conditioning in the summer and everyone can still enjoy the room without working up a sweat.

Add New Light Fixtures

When the sun goes down, you may notice particular areas in your home that are dim and not so good to work in. Or, you may have filled a new cabinet with items you'd like to prominently display.

Adding a few light fixtures can really help to brighten up a room and bring visitors' focuses to where you want them, such as a cabinet with fine china. Use lighting to your advantage to create strong focal points in each room.

Add Some Kitchen Shelves

You can always use more space when you're cooking, so take advantage of any vertical storage space you can. Imagine all the counter space you'd get if you could move your spice rack off of it!

By adding some shelves along your kitchen wall, you'll get extra storage without it seeming too cramped. Everything will still be within reach too.

Restore Your Wood Floor

After years of wear and tear, your wood floor might be looking dull and worn out. A good weekend project is to polish your hardwood floors so they look brand new again.

Ideally, you should polish all your wood floors once a year, and every half year for areas that have high foot traffic.

Install a New Backsplash

If your kitchen doesn't have a backsplash, you need one, yesterday. Not only can it add a splash of color, but it can also protect your wall from food particles. Even if you already have one, it may be in need of a replacement.

Try installing a ceramic or glass tile backsplash to give your kitchen some personality. This is an easy job so long as you ensure the wall is stable before you start.

Try out These DIY House Improvements

If you want to save money and love to do DIY projects, then these suggestions on house improvements can be a great way to spend your time. Not only will you get to work on a hobby, but you'll also get peace of mind knowing the craftsmanship and handiwork are solid and done by someone who cares.

If you're feeling inspired and want to read more, then check out our home improvement blog section.

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