How to Make Deaf Coffee at Home

What is Decaffeinated Coffee?

Decaffeinated coffee is a product harmless to the body, which in its taste and aromatic qualities is similar to natural drinks. Caffeine itself is considered to be a powerful stimulant that negatively affects human health. In order not to deprive coffee lovers of pleasure, many manufacturers began to produce decaffeinated drinks in the composition. The benefits and harms of decaffeinated coffee have been noted by many scientists. As a result of long research, it was found that such products are not only not harmful to health, but also useful.

How to Cook Decaf Coffee

How to Cook Decaf Coffee

To make the coffee delicious, it is worth remembering the rules for brewing it. Initially, it is worth taking care of the quality of water. It should not be:

1. Various impurities.

2. Garbage.

3. Strong smelling substances.

For brewing drinks, it is better to use filtered liquid. When the water is prepared, you can begin the process:

1. Boil about 200 ml of liquid, cool it a little. For cooking, you need water, the temperature of which will reach 95 degrees heat.

2. Pour 1 teaspoon of the drink into the cup. The spoon should be dry so that the dry product does not turn into lumps.

3. Pour coffee in water, leave the drink for 10 minutes.

Your coffee is ready to drink (also combined with chocolates or pastries).

Taste Features

During the processing of coffee beans, numerous aromatic compounds are damaged, so the taste and smell are milder than natural ones. In order to compensate for the difference in taste, decaf grains are more fried. The roasting process for such grains is more complicated, they are fried faster. The brown color quickly becomes saturated, so if you overcook the drink, it may be bitter.

Decaffeinated coffee has a more acidic flavor than natural, especially the robusta beans sensed. That is why robusta is more often used for making instant coffee, and in grain and ground brands of such beans no more than 60%. The percentage of arabica and robusta in a pack should always be indicated on the package of decaf coffee.

Taste Features

For the production of decaf from robusta, higher concentrations of chemical compounds will be required, since there is 2 times more caffeine in them than in arabica.

Robusta grains contain less aromatic oils and sugars, which means that the taste and smell of the drink are poorer and sourness is more noticeable.

When choosing decaffeinated coffee, it is better to look for pure arabica, or the mixture where its content will be at least 70%, the taste of such a drink will not differ from usual.

Benefit and Harm

Benefit and Harm


1. Favorably affects the cardiovascular system, prevents the development of cardiac pathologies.

2. It improves metabolism, normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines.

3. Charges the body with energy, increases endurance.

Decaffeinated coffee, due to the absence of a natural pathogen, does not have such effects on the body. The body does not receive the effect of additional stimulation, so after a cup of such a drink it is easy to fall asleep at any time of the day.

The benefits of decaffeinated coffee are especially felt by cigarette lovers. The fact is that nicotine in combination with regular coffee significantly increases the risk of heart attack due to vasoconstriction. Therefore, decaf is preferred for smokers.


1. Drowsiness (if dosage is not followed).

2. The development of tachycardia, chest pain, panic attacks.

3. The development of gastric ulcer.

Do not forget that various chemicals are used to “wash out” caffeine from grains, you cannot be completely sure of their safety.


Despite the almost complete absence of caffeine, decaf should be excluded from your diet for people at risk of atherosclerosis, and the presence of cholesterol plaques.

During pregnancy, you should also refrain from such a drink, since the grains still contain alkaloids, organic acids, resins, which are dangerous for the fetus.



The price of decaffeinated coffee depends on the processing method of the beans. The most expensive is the raw material where the decaf is made by the Swiss method of Swiss Water, it is absolutely organic, it requires a lot of money, in our country it is difficult to buy such ground or grain coffee, it’s easier to go shopping in an online store. The ground decaf drink made in this way will also have a high price.

The price also depends on the grains that are used - the more Arabica is in the composition, the more expensive is the drink. Soluble decaf also costs significantly more than the same drink, but with caffeine.

Decaffeinated coffee is a great solution for people who are caffeinated for one reason or another. In order to get all the taste and aroma of a real caffeine-free drink, the main thing is to buy the right decaf from Arabica beans.


best decaf coffee

Decaf coffee is considered a worthy analogue of natural coffee. It does not contain harmful substances in the composition and with moderate consumption improves the body.

Before you find the best decaf coffee that you fall in love with as you would with regular coffee, you may have to try many kinds. Although caffeine does not do much harm, there are people who intentionally want to stop using caffeine. And this is normal. If you find the best decaf coffee, this will be a real find for all coffee lovers. After all, it turns out that you can continue to enjoy coffee, as before, while not loading the body with caffeine.

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