How to Use the Mighty Vaporizer

Perhaps most renowned for developing and creating the infamous Volcano vaporizer, Storz and Bickel certainly don’t compromise on quality – the Mighty vaporizer being no exception. Soaring in popularity since launching and hailed as one of the most well-loved portable vaporizers available on the market today, the Mighty vaporizer is definitely worth checking out if you want to experience vaping to the full.

Complete with fast heat-up time, combined convection & conduction heating, and hugely impressive battery power, this vape has it all. But to make sure you don’t waste time and enjoy a top-quality session straight away, here’s some simple tips to use when trying the Mighty for the first time. 

Fill the Chamber

Using the accompanying plastic grinder, finely grind your herbs of choice before placing into the herb loader. Secure the loader into place by simply twisting it down into the oven, then push your ground herbs down into the bowl for perfect packing every time.

A looser pack is typically most effective when using the Mighty, however the full base of the oven should still be covered to ensure air successfully passes through your herbs – this helps achieve maximum flavour when inhaling.

And if you decide you only want half a bowl for a quicker session, this doesn’t mean the Mighty can’t be used! Simply use the included liquid pad to pack-out excess space, allowing you to pack less herb volume without sacrificing experience quality. 

Set the Temperature

One of the top selling points of the Mighty is its superb ease of use – temperature control being a prime example. Featuring no complex control patterns or confusing buttons, simply select your chosen temperature using the single adjustment button. The device will fully heat-up to your chosen degree in under 30 seconds and vibrates when done, meaning you can start vaping pretty much immediately.

As everyone’s preferences will be different, there’s no specific temperature you should be using. Experiment with the Mighty and try out multiple temperatures to establish which suits you most effectively.


Whilst it may not be wholly necessary to clean the Mighty after every single use, it’s essential you perform a deep clean on a regular basis to maintain quality operation, flavour and longevity. After all, if your vape is chronically dirty, it’s inevitable the taste and quality of your vapour will be affected.

Ensure the Mighty is completely cool before cleaning begins, and carefully detach the mouthpiece from the device. Fill a small jar with isopropyl alcohol and immerse all parts requiring cleaning for a few minutes – but make sure to avoid soaking rubber seals as isopropyl exposure can cause these to break down!

Thoroughly shake before removing from the alcohol, and thoroughly scrub with a small brush if necessary. Ensure every cleaned piece is 100% dry before reassembling, and the Mighty is as good as new ready to be packed and used again.

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