Should You Wash New Pillows

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Day by day world is running through the upgrade version of the technology. All around the world, people are busy with multi-purpose work. Now they are really less concern about their home stuff, for example, bedding. But for your own concern, you should know that "A long sleep and a good laugh are the two best cures for anything."

Now for a sound and long sleep, what do you need? Obviously, bed and pillow but this is not my point. You need a comfortable, neat, and clean pillow and mattress.

Now let's focus on the article question "Should you wash new pillows?" this is a bit tricky question, you know why? Because this question will make you ask another question, like "Why should I wash new pillows as it is protected by cover and nobody used it before? But from my point of view, you should wash your pillow after buying this from the store.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wash New Pillows

  • When you purchase a new pillow, you are not sure that this pillow has been washed and sterilized before, unless you are buying a pillow from a renowned shop. Always this question will poke you if you are so concern of cleanliness. So, my tips for you to get rid of this question just wash your pillow after you purchase your pillow.
  • When you go to a superstore to buy a pillow, you notice that pillows are wrapped with a thin plastic pack. There is a high possibility that the plastic protection could get leaked and also you have no idea where the pillows have been stored before packing. This leak of the pack or dusty environment of the warehouse will attract dust mites to grow in the pillow, but when you are buying this pillow, you have no idea that this pillow is carrying dust mites.

This tiny creature(mites) impairs the ability of the pillow by adding some extra weight with the pillow. The dust mite can ruin your night if you have allergy problem.

  • We should wash new pillows because that will be next to our skin. Most garment products have been treated with insecticides and chemicals for a variety of reason. Also, a lot of pillows have been produced from some countries where basic hygiene is an optional procedure.
  • An unhygienic environment of the warehouse will produce fungi in the stored pillows. Researchers found different types of fungi in the pillow, which pillows are stored for a long time in the warehouse.

The researchers also said that feather pillow is better than synthetic pillows because they found less fungi in the feather pillow after inspection.

  • Been new doesn't mean clean. You cannot keep your trust on the shopkeeper. They will only provide you with the best side of the product, not the previous record. So, the best solution to get rid of this confusion is that, after buying a new pillow, wash it.


The bed where you start your day and spend your night. Approximately, we spend a third of our life in bed. We should keep it comfortable and lovely. It's our responsibility to wash all the components of the bed. Pillow is the essential part among the components of the bed.

When your pillow is full of mites and fungi, it will affect your sleep, and you can't concentrate on your work, and this pillow will be the reason for failure. Can you imagine only for this pillow you are counting as a failure in society. This is so funny, right? But you should agree with me, as I already gave you some specific and logical reason.

Did you notice one thing? We all know someone who has a special pillow to sleep; without this pillow, he/she can't sleep. So, my point is, if they are so concern for their special pillow as well as they should be concern to wash their pillow regularly. But the fact is most of them are not so concern to clean their pillow. But when you are buying a new pillow or have been using a pillow for six months, you must have to wash your pillow.

Impaired and overweight pillow can't give you enough support, and you will be deprived of sound sleep. The lack of sound sleep is the blueprint of leading an unhealthy life. Only the solution of this problem is, wash your pillow when you are using it for the first time or whether you are using it for a long time.


We should wash new pillows for our own benefit. Our life will be beautiful When we will be capable of giving our concern in the little but essential fact.

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