What is the Quietest Small Fan?

Fans come in handy on those hot, sultry nights and days of summer. They are just a life saver when you have to sleep but cannot. They would provide a cool breeze which would help put you to sleep. 

When they rotate from side to side, they spread the breeze around to make your room cool. They are not only used when you want to sleep, you can use a handheld fan for times when you need to be on the move. The best handheld fan will depend on a lot of factors. Factors will be things like battery life, size of the blades, etc.

Having a good fan is great but having a fan which does not make a lot of noise is better. Having a noiseless fan especially for times when you need a good night rest is almost like finding the holy grail. Your room is cool, there is a breeze on your skin, you have no choice but to sleep better. The size of the fan also matters. Table fans would come in a much smaller size than a standing fan but will be much bigger than a handheld fan.

There are different things that make a fan quiet. They are;

Max Air Flow- this refers to the volume of air that the fan can move in one minute. While this is best for more air, it also has the possibility for more noise. Fan manufacturers also state the specs for air flow per cubic feet.

The Noise Range – this happens to be the most crucial factor when deciding on the fan to buy. The noise range refers to the decibel range of the fan. It tells you what the decibel range of the fan would be at its highest setting and what it would be at its lowest. This way you have the pertinent information necessary for you to make your fan buying decision. The only slight issue here is that most manufacturers only state the decibel range when the fan is at its highest setting. So, you can use this is judge how the lower settings noise level would be, even if not accurately.

 The Different Speed Settings- it is obvious that the faster the blades of a fan the more noise it is bound to make. Most fans have speed setting set between one and three, with three been the highest setting and one been the lowest. When the fan is at one, the decibel range tends to be lower. The more you increase the speed setting of the fan, the higher the decibel range goes.

There are other additional features which a fan can have. One such feature is a Remote. You do not have to physically get up and increase the speed setting of your fan, you could easily use the remote. Fans also come with Bluetooth functions too and you can connect your music player to them. So, you listen to some cool music while the breeze soothes your skin. 

There are also different types of fans which you can buy. Lets begin with the popular Ceiling Fans. Just as the name implies they are placed on the ceiling in your room or office. The serve the purpose of circulating air around a room. Most ceiling fans are pretty quiet, and you wouldn’t know when they are turned on. So, they are a great choice for your room.

Another type of fan is the Oscillating Fans. These are the best kind of fans for a bedroom, living room or enclosed spaces that aren’t too big. Their name is so because they move from side to side. This movement helps spread the air around the room where it is placed. Most oscillating fans are pretty noiseless when their blades are made from plastic but the oscillating fans with metal blades can be a tad noisy.

One type of fan which is very popular is the Table Fan. The beauty of this type of fan lies in its size. Most of them come in a small to medium size which can fit comfortably in on your reading table, bedside table or even on the top of your bookshelf. They are ideal for use in rooms which do not have enough space.

The rage right now is for Room Fans. These types of fans can be moved from one room to another easily because they are portable. They are electric fans which have oscillation and can also move from up to down. The exciting feature of the room fans is that it comes in different shapes and sizes.

With all this been said, the quietest small fan which you can get is the Vornado 630 medium room fan. The noise only goes as high as 52 decibels, the max air flow is at 331, doesn’t have a remote though. This fan has a unique vortex technology in addition to deep pitch blades, noiseless air flow which can be used in an averaged sized space. This fan stands out from the rest because of its deep pitch blades with have bowl like cupping. The effect of this cupping is the air circulates around a room as opposed to the normal streams of air flow which go from one side to another. The fan comes with a thrilling 5 year warranty.

Thinking of getting a new fan? These are just some of the factors which you can consider. What you need to remember is the Decibel range of whichever fan you choose. Just imagine, having a noisy fan on a hot night with no breeze from the windows? That is one frustrating experience. Even though the fan would provide some air flow, the noise from the fan would most likely, keep you up all night. Avoid this possible scenario by investing in a great fan of your choice. Choose from the oscillating fan, the room fan, the ceiling fan, the table fan or the shop fan. The choice is yours.

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