10 Beautiful Bathrooms Ideas to Inspire You in 2019

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in the home - a place to relax, decompress, and be alone. Be inspired by these beautiful bathrooms today.

To invest in home improvement is to invest in yourself. It's essential to decorate a room because it affects your mood and well-being. The cells in your body are constantly responding to your environment.Even your bathroom! Need a refresher on interior design? We went on the hunt to find the most beautiful bathrooms. Check them out to find the bathroom you wish you had. 

Dreaming of Beautiful Bathrooms? 

In 2019, beauty also means utility.

Don't feel like you have to sacrifice one for the other. Using mirrors, smart storage, and zoning areas will create open spaces and functionality. 

Take time selecting your bathroom amenities. Some places like Kohler Showers let you design the absolute perfect shower. 

Top Ten Beautiful Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom design can match your personality or your lifestyle. It can be a hybrid design or a traditional style. 

The first step in revamping your own bathroom is to explore a range of ideas.

Here are the top ten this year.

1. Farmhouse Style

Accents like wooden shelves and tin storage baskets create a homey feeling. A few potted plants can also breathe warmth into the space.

2. Personal Spa

Set the scene with stones and bamboo accents to create your own at-home spa. Treat yourself to a bathtub with jacuzzi jets and soak away the stress. Take advantage of natural light via windows and ambient lighting.

3. Accent Color and Marble

Marble accents in a bathroom create a timeless feel. Quartz and porcelain bathroom fixtures elevate this aesthetic.
Elevate the marble and add a pop of color. A deep purple shouts royalty. Go with a bright yellow for some extra happiness.

4. Art Deco Inspired 

In this stylish bathroom, you'll admire mirrors and metallic finishes. Art deco typically contrasts geometric shapes for a dramatic effect. A rectangular tub under a hexagonal mirror offers a delightful difference.

5. Dynamic Print Walls

Quirky prints can bring a bathroom to life. Picture modern sink and shower against a collage of pineapples or galloping zebras. Find the print that matches your personality. There are countless bright bathroom ideas to influence your wallpaper.

6. Ocean Blue

Beach inspired bathrooms are classic and always relaxing. Combine beachy blues with driftwood browns. Add some shells, cotton, and mason jars to complete the look.

7. Statement Tub

Sometimes the secret to a gorgeous bathroom is creating an inviting focus. Select a statement tub to draw attention to a relaxing spot just for you. You can go with a round tub, a claw tub, or a deep orange tub.

8. Black and White

Black and white offer a clean and polished style. Adding visual prints gives the room depth and personality. Opt-in for elegant bathroom decor. A chandelier adds a lovely touch to the bold contrast.

9. Down to Earth

Neutrals don't have to put you to sleep. Keep the walls, fixtures, and towels consistent and complimentary to express balance. Select green, brown, and grey tones for a welcoming and calming space.

10. Rustic

This style is about highlighting character and coziness. Use reclaimed wood panels, cement tiles, and stone sink to tie the look together.

Final Thoughts

Make sure your new bathroom is always shining by getting a professional cleaning service to regularly clean it. If you're looking for recommendations then we suggest Diamond Cleaning Calgary for your next cleaning session

This year is about living in spaces that make us feel good. A bathroom is a place where we can disconnect from reality.It deserves some love and attention. Just like you do. Can't stop thinking of new beautiful bathrooms? Leave us a comment and share your vision.

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