How Do You Secure a Climbing Tree Stand?

As a hunter there are essential things you need in place to make your hunting sessions successful. When in bushes, you will like to hide so that animals don’t notice you. Among the best hideouts in bushes is on tree tops. But, why can you just set yourself high there for the entire hunting session?

Now, climbing tree stands make essential hunting equipment for almost every hunter. They help hunters climb high trees and carry their hunting activities from those spots. However, when using these equipment, there is a need you secure them properly for your overall safety. Let’s enlighten you the process of securing climbing tree stands properly.

How Do You Secure a Climbing Tree Stand?

Hunting is more challenging and it requires both patience and skills. However, hunting sessions are also getaways to hunters going out to enjoy the beauty of nature. After several years of encountering challenges in hunting sessions, experts designed tree stands to help hunters in their daily activities. Using tree stands is quite simplest. As per quick hunting You just require attaching them to a tree and carry out your hunting activities from an elevated area.

How Do You Secure a Climbing Tree Stand

However, mounting the climbing tree stand is important for your general safety. You might purchase the equipment but still lack an idea of the best way to mount it. Now, worry less since our article covers the process of mounting tree stands securely. Let’s get through the steps involved in securing these equipment properly.

Gather the Right Gear

Hunting supplies manufacturers design various stands that fit different hunters in their hunting sites. Common popular options around are the climbing and hang-on hunting stands. While other stand models make up among the excellent options, these two wins over since setting them is easiest.

However, these stand models also come of different varieties. The sizes also vary a lot in their construction. So, be careful when selecting a climbing stand you will use in your hunting sessions. Choose an option that is easy to carry as well as one that provides excellent comfort when sitting on it.

Purchase Climbing Sticks

Next, think about scaling the trees you will work from. Here, you require about five climbing sticks purposely for scaling purposes. Even with your mastery in climbing trees, these should be a priority for such an activity. There are times it needs you going up and down swiftly to get things into control.

Climbing sticks are all over hunting stores and online sites selling hunting supplies. Before you order the sticks, mind about the height of trees in the hunting site. For instance the trees at the site have heights more than 9.1 m, then probably you will require more sticks. It’s essential to consult experts about the number of sticks you require to make your hunting session a success. 

Have Plenty of Rope and Other Accessories

Climbing trees isn’t an easy thing as such. Even if you master this art, there are softer skinned trees that you will find hard climbing. Therefore, the climbing accessories such as ropes, the ratchet straps and carabiners are essential for this excursion.

Apart from helping you climb through swiftly, they provide excellent safety while up there. Remember that not all types of accessories make the best options as such. Only the graded options for climbing make the excellent options for such a task. High graded accessories can hold both you and the stand in place while high on the tree.

Get strongest ratchet straps to get assured of optimum safety in your session. They are flat straps that hold both your stand and climbing stands tight. Moreover, you need to inspect the carabiners you intend to purchase. Ensure the options you take are meant for climbing. Otherwise you will end up purchasing weak options that can’t hold even your weight alone. 

Always Employ a Harness

A lot of eventualities might occur while in the hunting process. For instance, your tree stand might fall off while standing or seated on it. Such things might make you hate hunting totally especially if you are a beginner in the activity.

Your harness will save you a lot in this scenario. These items are essential especially when hunting using the climbing and hang-on stands. They protect your torso and chest from attaining injuries in times of eventualities. In selecting a harness to use, get one that secures you even while climbing a tree. In addition, ensure every accessory you purchase is meant as well as rated for climbing activity. 

A Perfect Location to Secure a Climbing Tree Stand

When hunting, you just don’t go anywhere. Look for a place that seems to give you results. Now, what are the perfect sites for such activities?

A Site with a Lot of Animals

You are going to set up your stand in an area you will work from for a long period. Therefore, such an area should be strategic and well-populated. But, how do you determine a particular site is populated?

Right, first, you can consult other hunters who have ventured more in those places. Consequently, you can look online to get an idea of the populated sites in the place you need to set your stand. If still such information is insufficient, the local area maps have information of areas with a lot of animals.

For instance, find out swampy areas for possible bedding of other animals. There are also farm fields where animals gather to acquire their nourishment. Another site you will look at is in the pinch points where animals get forced to cling together. You will have high chances of running successful hunts if you incorporate these ideas. 

Eliminate Other Trails Near Your Chosen Tree

While on the tree busy making your shots, you will need to move. Remember, any noise might scare animals nearby and you end up getting nothing for the day. Ensure you get off all the obstructions before you take on this exercise. 

Once everything is properly set, look at the bushes, leaves and even branches nearby. Ensure you clear them the environment to remain quiet as possible.


Hunters have gotten information about securing the climbing tree stands properly herein. A successful excursion needs proper planning, skills and patience. Set everything right and wait for the time. Nothing shall obstruct you from making a kill in your hunting sessions.

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