3 Amazing Travel Destinations Worth to Visit in 2020

Many people would like to travel without any restrictions either as a hobby or as a part of their job. Sadly, not many get a chance to do it. In fact, some don’t even leave the borders of their own country for the entirety of their lives. Getting to know a foreign culture first-hand is a valuable experience that everyone should try at least once.

Leave all the excuses behind, and start planning your trip.

Going abroad is not just about education. The changing of scenery can bring you some much-needed respite. Breaking up the routine of working or studying with a good old adventure is essential when it comes to battling work fatigue and burning out. It can even inspire and encourage you to look at things from a different angle. Here are some of the best travel destinations worth visiting in the year 2020.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Taking your budget into consideration is one of the most important things when traveling abroad. And while pretty much any destination can be explored with minimal spendings, the overall cost of living in the locale does matter. Especially for students who don’t have much in terms of savings yet. Eastern Europe is one of the most appealing regions in that sense. Maximum sightseeing for minimal spendings.

Slovakia is a relatively small country compared to its neighbors. And yet, you’ll be able to find plenty of tourist attractions to feast your eyes on while traveling through it. Bratislava is a common destination for many travelers who want to experience the unique culture and architecture of an eastern European nation.

Bratislava, Slovakia

To take the most out of this experience, you’ll have to make sure no lingering problems overshadow your trip. Take care of all of your deadlines before you set out. And if you don’t have time to take care of written assignments yourself, consider getting help from essay writing services. Essaypro will gladly help you out with that.

Once you find yourself in the city, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sights to see. It can take several days to work your way through the moody streets of Bratislava. Landmarks you definitely should take at least a brief look at include the Old Town statues, Bratislava Transport Museum, Michael’s gate, and, of course, the Bratislava Castle.

And once you get tired of walking around all day, you can take a break in one of the numerous cozy coffee shops. If you want something fancy, you won’t even have to go too far from the city center as most high-class restaurants are located just a couple of blocks away from the SNP bridge.

Galway, Ireland

There are few places that offer sceneries that can rival that of Ireland. If you’re looking for a retreat that will put you straight into a fairytale - this is it. While Galway itself is more of a lite version of the Irish experience, there are plenty of things to do there. Modern-looking houses are fused with these old cobblestone alleys resulting in a fantastic, almost surreal atmosphere.

Simply walking through the streets is a pleasant experience. The architecture and the overall style of the city will make for a welcome change of scenery if you come from a skyscraper-infested megapolis. Places like Kirwan’s Lane and Galway Cathedral are, of course, a must on any tourist’s list.

But if you are feeling adventurous (and you definitely should), feel free to go off the beaten paths and explore beyond what’s on your guide. Don’t let yourself get dissuaded by cranky weather or the inability to understand the local accent. Immersing yourself in the local culture in a local pub after taking a long walk through the green meadows will become one of your fondest memories.

Kanto, Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with a unique culture. It is relatively small but is riddled with amazing and exclusive places any tourist would enjoy. It’s seething with breathtaking ancient history as well as innovative technology combined with unique traditions and culture. In terms of the best places to travel, the Kanto region is taking first place as the central region of Japan.

Your first destination would be the capital city of Tokyo. You can spend months in this place and still not be even halfway bored with it. It’s hard to believe that this thriving capital city was once a humble fishing village. Today, it is one of the most impressive cities on the planet.

There are plenty of points of interest beyond Tokyo in the Kanto region. A combination of city attractions and out-of-town retreats will land you with a great list of places to visit. Here are some of the most popular places that you just can’t ignore when visiting Japan.

  • Mt. Fuji;
  • Tokyo Tower;
  • Tokyo Imperial Palace;
  • Ghibli Museum;
  • Memory Lane (Omoide Yokocho);

Every single person will find something to their liking in Japan. Nature lovers will appreciate the countryside and majestic mountains. History buffs will have a blast strolling through ancient palaces and temples. And those who are interested in art above all else will find a gold mine in Japan, as a cradle of the eastern school of animation.

And even if you’re not too fond of crowded tourist attractions, you can just walk around in the streets and still enjoy yourself very much.


The world today is smaller than it was decades ago. Getting to the opposite side of the globe will take you less than a day. It is easier to see the world today than it was ever before. And yet, many people neglect this opportunity. Few realize that delaying your long-planned journey may lead to it becoming one of those pipe-dreams that are never destined to come to life.

So forget about making excuses and start planning your trip right now. The experience you’ll get is very much worth the time, money, and effort you’re going to put in.

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