6 Tips For Choosing Landscape Lighting That Enhance Your Yard

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When thinking of cost-effective options of giving your home a face lift, outdoor home lighting can be one of the trans-formative options worth considering. The light, be it to provide a welcoming glow or to highlight accents in the property, are not only have a luminous quality but also decorative. Switch them on during the day, and they may stand out as unique additions, but do the same at night, and they evoke an elegant atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

If you have a yard with a fire pit, a patio, deck, fountain, pond, or swimming pool, these additions to your landscapes will no longer be cast into the shadows. They are works of art whose beauty and relevance should not only be seen during the day and be out of sight and mind come nightfall. That is why outdoor home lighting is essential. Other than that, the lighting is also a safety and security solution. They light up the yard wading off small threats and lower the risk of tripping and falling in the dark of the night.

With the reasons for considering outdoor home lighting laid out and you are thinking of such an investment, below are pertinent things worth knowing that will help you make an informed choice that meets the aesthetics of your yard and your lifestyle preferences.

1. The first steps to take when beginning a Outdoor home lighting project

Start with assessing the outdoor space to determine whether it will benefit from the lighting and if so how. You do not want to sink your money into something that you will soon not find valuable. Besides the costs, the other important factors worth taking into account include the décor style, placement, where to buy, and installation for which you need to figure out if you will do it yourself or hire a technician. 

Once you have figured all that out, visit a reputable retailer to purchase what you need; consider doing this when you are in the company of experts to advise you accordingly. Do not be too quick to consider buying what you need online because of the lack of quality customer service. Overall, purchase the lighting from a retailer that takes the time to explain the installation requirements and whether or not you may have to hire a contract to install the lights.

2. Determine where to install the outdoor home lighting

In as much as the objective is to add a bit of light to the garden, try not to overdo things. Be guided by the features in the yard so that you pick a few of them that will benefit from the illumination. The driveway and paths can do with around four or so lights; you do not want to create a runway look. Pick different lights that can highlight a fountain, a tree, shrub, or even house columns. If your home as some unique architectural features that make it stand out from other houses in the neighborhood, the shine a spotlight on them to make them stand out. Overall, the goal is to create a welcoming ambiance that encourages the use of the outdoor space after the sun sets.

3. Visualize how the outdoor home lighting fixtures will look in your yard

Have a first-hand feel of the landscape lighting fixtures, and that means seeing them in person to know their actual size and scale and the installation challenges they may have. You can as well go online to do a bit of homework before heading out to buy the fixtures. Check out the manufacturer's websites as well as reputable online retailers to see how the landscape lighting options look. 

4. What are the outdoor home lighting styles available?

It is easier to select the ideal type of outdoor home lighting fixtures for your garden if you know the layout of the space. Some of the options you can pick include path lights, spotlights, as well as water lighting fixtures for the fountain, swimming pool or pond. If you have paths with steps, then they can benefit from step lights, and if the outdoor space has small plants, then lights mounted to the walls, decking, or fence and help enhance the yard. If you have a gazebo, installing outdoor chandeliers and pendants is a popular option worth considering; the same light décor can be a fantastic addition to the patio or decking.

5. What types of outdoor home lighting provide safety and security benefits?

Any fixture that lights up a dark area is an addition that enhances safety and security. However, that matters is the placement. For instance, uplighting is a common addition around the windows in some homes. Such lighting deters buglers and intruders. The installation of advanced outdoor home lighting that has automated timers and remote-controlled operations make it possible for homeowners to turn the lights on and off even when they are away thus making it seem as though there is some home.

Regarding the aspects of safety, the installation of step lights or lights along the walkways and decking lower the risk of tripping and falling. Overall, it is wise to consider illuminating areas of your outdoor space, such as the fire pit, fountain, and pool, that pose safety concerns at night.

6. Hire experts or install the outdoor home lighting yourself?

The introduction of LED lights has birthed innovative lighting solutions. Installation of such lighting is not complicated since even the wire is thin. Moreover, the technology allows for the lights to be installed in different places such as inside a swimming pool, fountain, or pond as well as a few inches under the ground. Homeowners can manage to install these type of outdoor home lighting but should consider hiring reputable and experienced contractors to handle the job if they find it too big, complicated or are uncertain of their level of DIY knowledge and skills.

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