7 Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

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Have you ever thought of how you can decorate your flat? The style, optimal number of rooms you want, how each room will look like and other vital features. Today we will talk about kitchen – a room many people pay close attention to, as they spend much time there and want it to be cosy and well-decorated. Over time, kitchen decor ideas have evolved from what they used to be. This influences interior styling for cooking spaces, enclosing every feature in it – size, location, gadgets, accessories, wall material, lighting etc.

Everyone is opting to go with his/her own modern kitchen model. Plus, there are tons of options to pick from, and there are now companies that can help you with this difficult choice. These companies specialize in furniture mainly, but a few have the added advantage of interior styling as well. Their interior designs often involve all the rooms in the house. This invariably means that kitchen decor isn’t left out. Also for houses undergoing major remodeling to be put up for sale or other reasons, it is advisable to get in touch with these guys. They might have some kitchen remodel ideas up their sleeves.

The size of your cooking space is one determining factor when checking out styling options. When selecting a look for a spacious place, the kind of cupboards you would use differ from the ones you would possibly use for a smaller kitchen interior. Even the type of furniture you would use would vary in size, if not models.

Starting Out

The kitchen interior design is an activity that would take a lot of your time, so you have to clean a space in your schedule. If you have a lot of work, consider asking your colleagues to give you an opportunity to make your schedule more flexible. If you are still studying, you will have to do your homework and final essays more quickly, so also you can use the help of the educational platforms, like EduBirdie that would help to get rid of mistakes and plagiarism. Also, your budget would depend a big deal on what style you have in mind. The budget for a country kitchen would differ quite a big deal from its classic counterparts. Choosing the appropriate style would help you streamline your spending list, and possibly inspire some interior styles for your cooking space.

If your house area isn’t so big, or your flat is a one-roomed, then you might find the choice of looking at small kitchen ideas quite helpful. This is nifty especially for people living alone; singles who are still in that phase of their lives involving study or hustle. The option of styling ideas on a budget is also perfect for families considering cost-effective remodeling for a mini-cooking space.

When picking out ideas, appropriate décor themes are a thing to be considered as well. Dark and dull color themes are not very advisable. The resulting combination, especially if combined in a tight cooking space can give a haunting effect of a cubicle. For a room where you are likely to spend some quality family time, this isn’t very ideal.

Here are 7 ideas that can inspire you on what to adorn the whole space with. Frankly speaking, there are more than a hundred ideas on how to achieve the perfect, conducive yet beautiful designs. But these 7 are sure to be showstoppers and suitable for almost everyone:

1.Monochrome Settings

Monochrome settings

For some, simple kitchen design is all it takes. A blend of two colors, whether ‘black and white’ or ‘blue and white’ can create a whole new look. When combining two colors, be sure to pick one dark and one light color, to create balance and ensure your cabinet design doesn’t appear too plain. A good thing to give little bursts of color would be brown hanging cabinets, fancy hanging racks or high stools with velvet covering.

2.Silver Pendants and Rolling Ladders:

Feel like you would rather opt for modern design ideas? Try hanging large silver pendants from the ceiling. This one addition can be the difference between a monochromatic look and a well-poised contemporary style. Of a truth, sometimes all we need is just one simple fix or addition to creat the final look we desire.

For cooking rooms with tall storages or inspired by the popular ‘Moroccan design’, adding a ladder can create the illusion of more space. This is another helpful hack from a trove of modern styling ideas.

3.Vintage, Anyone?

It’s almost difficult to go wrong with vintage! This is one of the perfect themes for a country themed designs. With a barrel-vaulted ceiling, retro art pieces and brass knuckles in the right corners, this is one of the most elegant styles known. You can also choose to add some vintage furniture, or hang some dishes on the wall. 

Besides, you can go antique with large, transparent pendants hanging from the ceiling. In this case, remember to keep the color of the furniture neutral, especially if the floor is patterned. Make sure you have used bug removal spray or similar stuffs for the furniture to ensure the long lifetime of those vintage furnitures. 

4.Geometric Designs

A floor with patterned tiles could create amazing effects in kitchen units with just one color. An all-white kitchen, for instance could benefit from this hack. This is a good suggestion to try when designing a totally new cooking space in a recently constructed house. Another form of a geometry-based design would be a two-colored checkerboard floor. Cream and brown are the colors of choice in a place with soft creamy tones, while blue and white could be the extra pop in a white or cream-colored room with subtle bursts of blue. You can never go wrong when picking geometric designs from kitchen design ideas.

4.The ‘open-room’ Concept

An open-space concept works best in studio-like apartments and spacious houses. This is one modern kitchen design that gives room for family and relaxation time while cooking. It’s perfect for large families, and creates a cozy background even for visitors.

For larger family dinners, and those families who love having a standard dining room, a number of other modern décor ideas can be looked at. One of these is having a long picture-like window in the dining room. If the dining room faces the kitchen, it gives a slight ‘open-like’ illusion, and completed with soft colors, makes for one of the most beautiful kitchens ever.

6.Subway Wall Tiles

If your kitchen is small, do not to worry, there’s a ton of design ideas for mini spaces to choose from. Using subway tiles on your walls is one of them. Using it on all the walls can create the illusion of it being more spacious than it seems.

7.General Use of Minimal Décor

This works for any room in general. Less décor means less space used. This invariably means a more spacious look. Simple decorations like lamps hanging from brass-like chains might be all a cooking room needs to step up its appearance. Most times, less is indeed more. In the case of remodeling ideas specially adapted for smaller spaces, this is always true. To know how to control pest in the house, just click here.

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