Best Cheapest Dj Controller

Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller (DDJ-200)

Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller (DDJ-200)

Numark Mixtrack 3 | All-In-One 2-Deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ Including an Long-Throw Pitch Faders, 5-inch High Resolution Jog Wheels, and Virtual DJ LE & Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit

2. Numark Mixtrack 3 | All-In-One 2-Deck DJ Controller

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ Controller with Beatmatch Guide, DJ Academy, and full DJ software DJUCED included

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ Controller

Are you new in Dj section? Are you searching for the best cheapest Dj controller? Then you are in the correct place to get the information about the cheapest Dj controller as your demand. 

Dj controllers are sound equipment that a disc jockey (DJ) uses in blending tunes, and he blends tunes combined with other DJ programs using run wheels, encoders, handles, backlit buttons, touch strips and numerous more.

DJ controllers with their ease of use and setup have made a difference progressed a part of DJ abilities, and these gadgets have moreover made a difference in boosting the certainty of numerous aspiring DJs. They can make any party more enjoyable and livelier. They are used to combine different music by considering the taste of the music of other people.

Using Dj controller has some benefits such as it is straightforward to move because it is small in size. Besides, it increases your music sense. It can be used by taking the help of a laptop. No CDj or MP3 player is needed. 

Here we give you information about the top five cheapest Dj controller so that you can easily buy a product without confusion and also you can save your time.

​Best Cheapest DJ Controller


Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller (DDJ-200)

Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller (DDJ-200)

Pioneer, DJ Smart DJ controller, is one of the most excellent innovation nowadays. It is lightweight, and it compacts with a Pro-Style layout, it will develop your dj-ing skill and also helps you to learn something new. It keeps your twist on the music as you mix for any party. It can play songs via smartphone or PC/Mac with the help of many DJ apps and software, including our dedicated, free app we DJ for iPhone. You can choose music from your smartphone, which is stored already in your iTunes or rekordbox library. It develops your mixing skills quickly with the help of the tutorial.

The function which is provided here can build your ability quickly and also different apps using also increase your knowledge about the device and editing of music. Your hands will be flying between the DDJ-200's jog wheels, buttons, and knobs when you're done. Transition FX helps to connect and mix the music smoothly. It is available at affordable prices and perfects to enjoy with friends through music.


  • Can Mix Streaming Music
  • Connects to the We DJ Mobile Application
  • Also Can be Used Digitally with Rekordbox
  • Simple Layout Which Mimics Pro Gear
  • Extremely Affordable Price
  • Easy to learn
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy connectivity with smartphones


  • No Built-In Audio Interface
  • Very Basic Design & Controls


Numark Mixtrack 3 | All-In-One 2-Deck DJ Controller

Numark Mixtrack 3 | All-In-One 2-Deck DJ Controller for Serato DJ Including an Long-Throw Pitch Faders, 5-inch High Resolution Jog Wheels, and Virtual DJ LE & Prime Loops Remix Tool Kit

When you buy this, you should know you need an external sound card.This controller is well worth the money. It comes with Virtual DJ 8 LE, which has many hidden features. Despite what others seem to be saying, my license did not go away after 30 days. All it did was switch to the LE version.

It has lots of features. It has a touch strip at the top of each 'deck' which controls the effects, and you can skip to different parts in the song. The default affects you can control with the touch strip are Flanger, Reverb, and Wah Wah. But those are changeable in VDJ. The jog wheels are a little small, about 4-5" wide each. There are high and feel solid. They are topped with brushed metal and come with covers. They are responsive to the touch. You can also toggle them on and off with a small button.

Underneath there are eight pads. The bottom four are for setting cue points. When you press one, it sets a marker in a place in the song that you can go back to by pressing again. You can set four cue points which save in VDJ for when you play the song still. You can also delete them too. The above four pads do not feel cheap and are made of rubber. They control setting loops, auto loops, or playing samples. These can be toggled with the pad mode button, which is located just above them on the board. You can put in your samples or use the 4 sample banks in VDJ.

The middle part of the mixer has identical controls for each deck. Headphone buttons, Mid, Low, and High switches, volume sliders, Master gain, Cue gain, cue mix, and a crossfader. There is also a neat little volume output thing.

And an essential part is the pitch sliders! I use these a lot, so it is perfect we get one for each deck. They are pretty long, but I still have a hard time getting the ideal tempo.
 Overall this is a great DJ controller with lots of features for the price!


  • Excellent metal construction with long and sensitive sliders
  • Fun to play with
  • Great for those who want to develop their DJing skills
  • Portable and Light Design
  • Large Platters
  • Big & Durable Buttons
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a midi cable to connect to your computer
  • Comes with free software
  • Great price
  • Touch strip
  • Mid, bass and treble knobs are helpful
  • Excellent responsiveness on touch strip and jog wheels


  • May produce some buzzes or hums when plugged in
  • Jog wheels are not reliable in controlling the audio
  • Randomly stops working and halt sending signals to a computer
  • No Full Version of Virtual DJ
  • Only two Channels
  • No Separate Volume for Each Channel


Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ Controller with Beatmatch Guide

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 | Portable USB DJ Controller with Beatmatch Guide, DJ Academy, and full DJ software DJUCED included

It has extensive features. It discovers basic of Ding with intelligently offer assistance and coordinates instructional exercise videos. This cheap Dj controller has touch-sensitive jog wheels, and it is perfect for beat music. Additionally, it is affordable and portable. If you are a newcomer in this music world as a Dj, then this device is beneficial for you. It provides you a proper guidance about how to use this product. Choose your tracks effectively with an imam, the smart music collaborator, and its Proposals of today's most smoking.


  • Comes with extensive features
  • Given its low price point
  • Awesome quality product
  • Jog wheels are touch-sensitive
  • Perfect for beat matching
  • Designed for Beginners to Learn on
  • Intelligent System Uses Light Guides
  • Portable & Affordable
  • Portable Design.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Positive Customer Reviews


  • No audio cables included
  • Better to have a digital display on jog wheels
  • Better for Practicing than Live Gigs
  • Designed for Training
  • Poor Mixing Controls.
  • Short Term Durability.


Denon DJ MC7000 | Professional DJ Controller with Dual Audio Interface

Denon DJ MC7000 | Professional DJ Controller with Dual Audio Interface for Serato DJ (Included)

MC7000 is the most popular DJ controller for professional Dj having 4-channel Serato DJ capability, and it also has double USB connections. Two Dj can easily play music continuously because it has two USB connections. It has incredible construct quality and predominant 24-bit sound reproduction; it can be a no-compromise controller impeccably suited to both versatile and club DJs searching for the next advancement of the Serato DJ controller. It has dual 6-inch platters that have a touch-capacitive plan with Driven rotational shows; It helps a Dj by providing enough music control and mixing song facilities. It increases your knowledge and develops your music taste. Also, it can adjust the sound with different frequencies, and you can enjoy your party with full of entertainment.


  • It is an all-in-one DJ controller with multiple functions
  • It has an excellent Denon DJ Engine
  • It is potable
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready
  • It has great sound quality
  • It has a flexible controller with plenty of features
  • It is durable and constructed by sturdy metal.
  • It is a four-channel hardware mixer
  • It has professional inputs & outputs
  • It has double USB inputs
  • It is lightweight
  • It can easily adjust the tone and the pitch of the song so quickly.
  • Two USB slots which can be connected with other devices like Smartphones, Computer, or iPads.


  • Its display screen freezes
  • DJ Engine is not as refined as Serato
  • It is a complicated DJ controller
  • It is not affordable, especially to low-income earners, because it is a bit expensive. 


Reloop 236534 Controller

Reloop 236534 Controller

Reloop 236534 controller has an excellent sound system, and it is fully compatible with Serato DJ. It is durable as it is supported by IOS and Android devices. It has large jog wheels and a four-channel mixer. It has out of the box. This mixer, combined with Djay Pro 2 for Mac OS, is what I've been using for a year now. The sole reason I got it was because of the Spotify integration.
Since getting this mixer and having 30 million songs in my crate (thanks to Spotify), I've undergone an explosion of creativity. There is a match feature, which will serve up songs that mix well with the song being played (both in key and bpm). This enables me to mix songs I've never even heard before, going down rabbit holes and finding gems along the way that make their way into my permanent playlists. It Works excellent with deejay two and my iPad pro. It charges the iPad and responds very nicely, provided the iPad is functioning correctly. Looks professional and has an intuitive layout, and its functions are practical. 


  • Durable build quality
  • Works out of the box
  • Excellent controller
  • Fully compatible with Serato DJ
  • Support for IOS and Android devices
  • Four-channel mixer
  • Large jog wheels
  • Versatility - Can be Used with Various Devices & Software
  • Full-Featured 4-channel DJ controller (RGB Pads & Functions)
  • Great Fader & Jog Wheel Feel
  • Good Build Quality


  • Has no dedicated master out
  • Can't be used as a standalone mixer
  • No Additional Inputs
  • Small pitch sliders for Pro controller
  •  No hardware mixer
  • Some design misses

Things to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Cheapest DJ Controller


DJ Software

It is essential to use Dj software. It will help to learn new things. This software also increases your knowledge about song editing, sound editing. It is necessary to buy the software by seeing the review about it.



When you are going to buy any controller, you should check that the EQ must be provided. EQ helps to mix the sound with perfect frequencies such as low, medium, or high. For proper mixing of music, a Dj must be good at EQing. But if the EQ is not provided, then you may have to use Dj software. It may be painful for you sometimes because you have to use a laptop and mouse to adjust the frequencies. So for individual mixes, you will need to have quick access to EQ controls.



Input and output both are considerable for buying the Dj controller. Mainly inputs help to connect a microphone to these controllers. Layering a vocal performance for Mcing, you should not use less expensive Dj controllers. Again if the outputs are not available in the controller, then you have to rely on your pc or laptop for music mixing and sound setting. So check these features before purchasing the cheapest DJ controller. Most pc nowadays provides you output facilities.



Price plays an important role in buying any product. Though the price depends on various facts. Such as Dj software or EQ system. But you should not think that the cheapest Dj controller is terrible at all times. It works for you as you are new in this portion. The price should not take as consideration as it is already cheapest.

Don't go for Older Models

You must choose the latest version for buying the Dj controller. Sometimes it happens that the older version controller is offered at a discounted price or lower price. But the older version may not be suitable for your work or practice. Because it contains less updated quality, and also there is a risk of damaging the product.

But if you can bargain when you go buying a new product, then you will be a great deal for you.


Features and Functionalities

As a newcomer, you are welcome in this profession. But before buying the cheapest Dj controller, you must look at its features and functions. You should keep in mind that it can be used for multiple work and application. Some basic features like a mixer, jog wheels, crossfaders, and so on must be included.



​Another thing you consider is the size of the controller. It must be portable and small. So you can easily carry it anywhere you go. You and large size's controller strict to handle can't take it where you want to.


Finding an excellent quality Dj controller is tough if you have a low budget then. But nowadays with the help of technology, you can find the best product. This controller will increase your skill, make you more professional, and you can learn something new every day about software and music.

After looking at various factors, we can say that Pioneer DJ Smart DJ Controller (DDJ-200) is the cheapest Dj controller in the market because you can easily buy it. This durable controller can mix extreme music, and it is suitable for newbies.

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