Is it Safe to Pull Over On a California Freeway

Getting pulled over on a California freeway is a nerve-racking experience, especially if you do not know fundamental road safety rules. Most Fresno California traffic violation lawyers will explain that it is safe to pull over on a freeway, but there is a process. Therefore, whether you talk to a traffic ticket attorney long beach or some other area, just understand the seven rules when stopped by the highway patrol.

Don't Use the Left

Whether a professional trucker looking for "lawyers for truck drivers near me" or a regular driver, the rule for not using the left still applies when pulled over. First, it is illegal to stop on the lefthand side of the road. Second, it is dangerous because there is typically not enough shoulder for safe maneuvering. While it is true that in some emergencies you may not have an option, try to never stop on the left side of the highway.

Put Your Hazards On

When a cop signals for you to pull over on the freeway, one of the first things you should do is put your hazard lights or flashers on. By switching these lights on, it notifies the police officer that you have seen their signal, and you are trying to find a safe place to stop. Move to the right side of the highway and begin slowing down.

Ask About Engine

While some officers may want you to turn your engine off while they proceed with the stop, others may not mind the engine running. It is best to ask the officer what they prefer.

Turn On Interior Lights

Remember that police work is a dangerous and unpredictable profession when you are pulled over. If it is nighttime, it is a good idea to turn on the interior lights as you are being pulled over. Do so slowly. The additional lighting will allow the officer to get a good look at the interior of your vehicle and you, ensuring them nothing is threatening about the stop.

Put Your Hands On the Wheel

Also, always keep your hands on the wheel. All movements should be announced and slow. Do not reach for paperwork or your wallet without notifying the officer of everything you are doing. Accidents can occur if you do not use caution during your interactions.

Wait for Instructions

While everyone knows that the police officer will ask for your license and registration, do not reach for it without being asked. Also, tell the officer where the documents are located and that you are reaching for them.

Be Respectful

Understand that a police officer has a job to do. They are not trying to ruin your day or cause unnecessary duress. Be respectful in your interactions. Too often, people become confrontational during routine traffic stops, which leads to further charges and possible arrests.

While there are extra precautions to take when being pulled over on the freeway, it is safe. Pull over to the right and follow the standard protocol for a traffic stop. If you feel like your ticket was unwarranted, then seek counsel from a traffic ticket attorney.

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