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Did you ever wonder what the dabbing dance move means? Yes, it’s putting your head down and putting your arms in a position that resembles the extremely useful part of the best dab torch.If you want an amazing dabbing experience with powerful concentrate vaporization, you can never do it with old conventional lighters. Here comes the best dab torch to do the job efficiently with its mighty flame power that can reach up to 2500 degrees F in some torches.

But which dab torch should you choose? There are a lot of options on the market and we want to help you pick the torch that guarantees long hours of fun. In this article, you will find useful information that will help you pick the best product.

Why Do I Need to Buy the Best Dab Torch?

In order for dabbing to be an amazing experience, whether you are using marijuana for medicinal uses or for relaxation, the best dab torch will help you to extract 90% of the THC which is the main ingredient in marijuana.

A good quality dab torch will give you a lot of advantages that will make your dabbing as comfortable as possible.

These can be summarized in the following points:

  • You can never get the mighty power from a conventional lighter as you need to heat the entire nail or you will waste a good dab.
  • Easy refilling is a strong point in those torches to make you able to use them over and over again. You will be able to get the strong mighty heat you are looking for every single time you decide to use your torch.
  • The best dab torch is a good investment for dabbers. Torches are durable and last for a very long time.
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    If you are into dabbing in the outdoors but still don’t like intruding eyes, you can get discrete versions and pocket-sized dab torches that will not attract attention. Now you can enjoy your time without having to worry about other people checking you out.
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    These torches heat up very fast and reach temperatures up to 2500 degree F so you don’t waste time in the heating process.
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    The most annoying thing that you might have to deal with is when you need to refill the butane over and over again. But the best torches for dabbing produce a continuous flame that can last up to 35, 50 or even 60 minutes in some models.
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    Another good thing about these torches is that they have a comfortable yet secure grip. Most of them are equipped with tabletop bases for hand free use.
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    They have lock buttons. Some models feature child resistant locks for maximum security. This way you can guarantee that your torch will not accidentally light up in the wrong hands.
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    When not in use, your torch will be a beautiful piece of decoration on your dab mat as these torches come in a wide variety of patterns and colors.
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    The best dab torch features easy gas flow adjustment to control the size and length of the flame. This allows you to enjoy your dabbing experience just the way you like it.
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    These are versatile torches that can be used in a lot of applications. When not used for dabbing, they can be easily used in the kitchen to help you prepare delicious professional Crème Brulee or in the caramelization of fruit tarts and other desserts.
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    No need for electric connection as the torches depend on the piezoelectric ignition. This makes them very convenient for the outdoors use when you are away from home and access to electricity.
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    These torches can also be used in metal smith and jewelry making work. Butane torches are usually used for heating small sterling silver and metal pieces. It is difficult, if not impossible, to heat uniformly any metal part bigger than a pendant yet dab torches can successfully heat any metal part even if it is as big as a belt buckle.
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    Most dab torches come with an easy manual so you can use them with no problems whatsoever.

How to Choose the Best Dab Torch?

There is a big variety of products available. Dab torches are unique when it comes to shapes, prices, and models. You need to know what to look for when you are shopping for a nice dab torch. A good product will not waste any of the material and will keep on working for long. Buying a good dab torch allows you to pick a product that will be a worthy investment.


Big torches will hold a bigger amount of butane and can work for longer. If you are planning to dab at home or at a friend’s house, then you definitely need to pick a bigger torch. If you like to travel with your torch or are planning to enjoy your time in the outdoors, then you should pick a smaller product. Smaller torches are practical to use and will not occupy much space in your backpack. They are also suitable for discrete use.

Long Time Use:

It’s very annoying and inconvenient to run out of fuel in the middle of dabbing. You need the best dab torch with a reliable tank size that will hold a good amount of butane giving your about 40 minutes of continuous powerful flame to get the best of your dab.Some torches can even last up to 60 minutes. A good torch is usually equipped with a durable stable base made of a heavy duty material allowing for hands-free use without the fear of tipping over while in use.

Flame Power and Size:

A good torch will give you a strong powerful flame because you need to heat the entire nail and get it very hot so you don’t waste a good dab. This can never be done with a conventional lighter and you will not be able to reach the same heat in that short time.The right torch will provide you with a strong precise flame that reaches up to 2500 F for up to 40 minutes of continuous strong flame.

Easy Refilling:

Remember that you are buying your torch so you can enjoy your time while dabbing. If it takes forever to refill and adjust your torch then this definitely kind of beats its purpose. A good torch is not just easy to use; you should also be able to refill it quickly and easily. Pick a product that comes with a sturdy base so you can place it on a flat top while refilling it with gas. You can also find torches that come with an indicator. This will warn you so you can get your butane cartridge ready before your torch completely runs out of gas.


These torches can be used for a very long time as they are manufactured from strong materials making them a very good investment and an excellent value for money. A good product will provide years of continuous use so you can enjoy your time.


The best torches for dabbing are very safe for you thanks to the secured comfortable grip. Your torch will not slip and will always be safe to use. These torches are mostly equipped with self-ignition for more convenience. Some models have a child lock to avoid accidents if left unattended with children around. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about your hands getting burned while using your torch thanks to the hassle-free self-ignition feature.

Looks and Patterns:

These torches come in very attractive and various looks. From dark colors to metallic gold or even colored patterns you will always find the best dab torch to match your taste. You can pick a torch that expresses your personal taste and this is why they make great gifts. They are high wear and tear resistant so you can expect them to last for long.

Reviews of the Best Dab Torch on the Market:

You want to make sure that you will spend your money on a reliable and practical dab torch. A good product is a good investment that will last for long. Here are some reviews of the best quality dab torches on the market that can give you the dabbing experience you are looking for.

Blazer Gt8000 Big Shot Butane Torch:

Product features :

  • This powerful product is compact and lightweight. It is wonderful for dabbing thanks to its strong flame and long lasting continuous heat reaching up to 2500 degrees F.
  • You will not worry about being near an electricity supply as it is lit by piezoelectric self-ignition. For comfortable dabbing, you can attach the table top attachable base and enjoy hands-free dabbing. This durable torch is sold empty of butane gas and you can buy it separately. It works with almost any butane fuel and is filled very easily. It can be used in dabbing, cooking, metalwork, and jewelry making work. It gives successful results every time. It will provide you with the strong continuous flame you need. The anti-flame brass-frame nozzle guarantees safety while using this torch. You can also adjust the length of the flame by controlling the fuel flow. In spite of its small size, it holds a large amount of fuel that can last for one hour of use. It functions similar to large butane torches but the small size makes it more practical to use. Lighting this torch is a one-handed operation and is super easy. It is small in size but its flame is more like larger butane torches. This gives it the advantage to be used easily outdoors or while traveling. On the other hand, it will not be very convenient if you need a small flame like in jewelry making.
  • Just push the ignition button and enjoy the nice strong long lasting flame. The nylon resin surrounds the large fuel tank for more control. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Holds a lot of butane and can last for one hour with a full tank.
  • Fast and easy ignition.
  • The flame can be easily adjusted.
  • Durable construction and nice grip.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • The metal sleeve is not properly insulated and gets hot.

Iwatani Cooking Torch - Professional Culinary Butane Creme Brulee and Food Torch Burner

Product features :

  • This will be your ultimate tool every time you need a precise strong flame. It is durable and reliable enough for versatile use.
  • The flame reaches a very high temperature up to 2300 degrees F which makes this amazing product perfect for dabbing. It can also be used in the kitchen when you are done enjoying your time. The air flow will protect the food from being burned. No fuss of refilling as all you have to do is to replace the butane canister and you will be ready to go. It has a very strong flame making it perfect for kitchen uses as crisping and browning toppings or even melting cheese over soups. It can also be used with vegetables and roasts. Being portable makes it perfect for using in BBQ’s for glazing and caramelizing steaks and ham. It is perfect for restaurant uses in preparing the famous Crème Brulee and having a nice crispy sugary top. Just twist and it locks in place and it will be ready to work perfectly every single time even if you are using it in camps.
  • Thanks to the adjustable gas knob, you can get a small or large flame depending on the situation. This is a great torch that you can use in the workshop, with friends while dabbing or on an outdoor adventure. It feels great in your hand and has a good grip for better control.


  • Feels great in your hands and features a good grip.
  • Suitable for dabbing, culinary uses and outdoor adventures.
  • Super high power that reaches 2300 degrees F which is very high compared to competitors.
  • Easy to replace the empty canister.


  • If used continuously for a long time, the tip becomes sticky.

Worthington 336737 Wt2301 Trigger Start Propane Torch

Product features :

  • If you are into DIY projects this torch can be very useful for you. It is the best for soldering, melting and heating small parts and other household uses. It has a precise flame control valve to give the flame size you just need. This also qualifies it as one of the best torches that you can use while dabbing.
  • It can be used with many propane bottles but works perfectly with shorter ones. This can be explained easily. When propane is released from the pressurized container it cools suddenly very fast in the tank neck causing ice buildup. This might result in reducing the flame strength significantly. The short bottles do not cool very suddenly so you will not experience this problem with them.It is simple and just needs 1-2 clicks and you will have the strong flame you need. It features an angled stainless steel burn tube which is very useful when used to heat small parts while dabbing or even with your smoke tubes. Even when you tilt it, the flame will stay strong. You can use it in plumbing purposes like sweating 1/2” copper or in culinary applications to have a nice glazed ham. It is strong enough to start your pellet stove.
  • This torch will do the job precisely with just two clicks on the ignition button. It is extremely affordable and built to last for long. It also comes with a safety feature to make sure that the gas will not flow all the time.


  • Easy 1-2 click igniter button.
  • Adjustable precise flame and compact precise control.
  • Cheap and affordable yet great value for money.
  • Can be used in dabbing,plumbing, cooking, DIY projects and can even be used to start your pellet stove.
  • It doesn’t go out when tilted to the side making it very handy.


  • Medium tip torch doesn’t give very strong flame output.

Jb Chef Culinary Micro Butane Torch:

Product features :

  • This torch is great value for the money. It features a locking mechanism that will allow you to use it safely for dabbing or in the kitchen. You can use it for multiple purposes, guaranteeing that you will get the precise strong flame you need every time.
  • This torch comes with a regulator that adjusts the flow of the butane so you can pick the perfect flame size. One click is all you need to get a strong flame that you can use while dabbing or in the kitchen to show your skills as a creative chef. Pack it for your camping adventure, and you will be able to amaze everybody with your culinary skills. The high temperature allows you to use it while soldering or in jewelry making. This is a practical torch that you can use for multiple purposes and it is very easy to pack for fun time in the outdoors. The ignition design allows you to light it up with zero effort and the ergonomic grip gives you maximum control while using the torch. The continuous flame feature guarantees that you will always be able to use this torch whenever you want to.
  • This torch is super easy to refill. It only takes a few seconds to get it ready. It is a great value for the money.


  • Affordable torch that can be used in a variety of purposes.
  • A regulator to control the strength of the flame.
  • Precise flame for dabbing, soldering and culinary uses.
  • Practical and small design.
  • Ergonomic design for more control.
  • Easy to refill.


  • Lighting this torch is not easy.

Se Mt7370m Butane Micro Torch With Piezo Electronic Automatic Ignition System:

Product features :

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    If you are looking for the best butane torch for dabs then you are in luck. This torch can last for up to 60 minutes when filled. It is an affordable torch that will boost your culinary skills and can also be used for successful dabbing when you are trying to chill.
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    The flame can reach up to 2372 degrees F which allows you to use this torch for various purposes. It also comes with an adjustable regulator that allows you to regulate the strength of the flame. The regulator is on the sides so you can control the strength of the flame while using it. The power of the blue flame is perfect for dabbing, jewelry making, hobbies, and metalwork. It is a pocket size torch so you can easily pack it for a nice time in the outdoors with your friends. It doesn’t occupy much space and can be used discretely. It also comes with a removable base that allows for freestanding use.
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    This torch is perfectly safe for use as it comes with a safety feature that locks it. It features a strong aluminum body that withstands the heat. You can use it while holding it or while placing on a flat table because it is practical. It is also quite affordable.


  • Affordable torch.
  • Strong flame for versatile uses.
  • Strong aluminum body with a free-standing base.
  • Position of the regulator allows for more control.


  • The bottom is rather flimsy. You might want to use duct tape to secure it.

Blazer Gb2001 Self-igniting Butane Micro-torch:

Product features :

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    At first glance, you might not be attracted to this particular torch. It basically costs double the price of other products. However, this torch promises to deliver twice as good as the performance of other products on the market.
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    The body is covered in grid-shaped rubber. This allows for maximum grip and control over the torch when you are using it for various purposes. If you are worried about your hands slipping, then this is the right product for you. It comes with a gas flow adjustment control that controls the size and strength of the flame produced. This allows you to use this torch for various purposes. It is sturdy and durable so you can rely on it regardless of the purpose. The flame reaches 2500 degrees F successfully to enable you to finish any job fast and in the best quality. The blue flame is what you need when you are trying to use your torch for a precise application. It comes with a piezoelectric ignition system for maximum convenience. It also features a removable base that allows for hands-free application. This torch is great value for the money because it is built to last. You get to choose the type of flame so you can use it for dabbing, culinary purposes or hobbies.
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    If you are looking for a high-quality product, then you shouldn’t miss this one. It is built to last while giving you various options concerning the flame you are going to use.


  • Rubber grip for more control.
  • Strong flame that reaches up to 2500 degrees F.
  • Durable construction.
  • Piezoelectric ignition system.
  • Ability to adjust the type of flame.


  • More expensive than other products.

Eurkitchen Refillable Kitchen Lighter Tool:

Product features :

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    This torch is designed for people who want the best performance. You can’t go wrong with it, whether you are cooking or dabbing. It provides unmatched flame and will amaze you with its consistency.
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    People who buy this torch claim that it is the best torch for dabs. It operates in the same quality even after you’ve had it is for years. It features a Piezo press ignition button that allows you to enjoy fast and hassle-free lighting. All you have to do is to press the button and your torch will be ready. It is also very safe to use so you can use it for dabbing, cooking, and various hobbies. The torch features a gas flow gauge. You can use it to regulate the flow of gas to get the flame that you want. In addition to easy adjustment, you will be able to tell when your torch needs to be refilled so you will always have access to this precise flame you very much need. Although this torch is quite compact, you can enjoy a strong flame that is 6 inches high with a temperature of 2370 degrees F. Once you turn it off, you will be activating the safety gas lock which guarantees that there will be no leaks. This torch is designed to give you more control. It features a finger guard that will protect your hands while using it for various purposes. This is a practical and portable torch that can be used for hours of fun regardless of what you decide to do. It is so versatile and lightweight so it won’t disappoint you.
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    When you buy this torch you know that it will last for long. It is made of strong and sturdy aluminum and is covered with ABS plastic that will withstand the heat. It is ergonomically designed to give you more control over the torch and the flame.


  • Portable and ergonomic design.
  • Strong aluminum body that is covered in plastic for more control.
  • Flame can reach up to 6 inches with a temperature of 2370 degrees F.
  • Easy ignition.
  • Fast adjustment of the gas flow.


  • The flame control requires using both hands.

Bernz-o-matic St2200t Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit:

Product features :

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    This micro flame torch is not going to disappoint you. You can use it while working with metals, in dabbing and in the kitchen thanks to its precise and strong flame. It is one of the lightest and most portable torches on the market, so you won’t feel any discomfort after using it for long periods of time.
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    Thanks to its size, the flame you get is usually smaller and more concentrated than the one you get from other torches. It is one of the best products to use if you need a precise and accurate flame for a specific purpose. Once filled, it can last for one hour of operation without having to worry about refilling it. Whether you are dabbing or cooking, this torch will not kill the mood because it will last for long. It is easy to light. All you have to do is to slide and press the button until you hear a click. After that, you will be able to enjoy the flame for as long as you want to. It comes with a soldering iron tip which is a great plus for hobbyists.
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    This is a great source for a strong flame on a small scale. It is versatile, portable and easy to carry. You can pack it for a trip or use it in the comfort of your home.


  • Lightweight torch.
  • Small size with strong and a precise flame.
  • Can last for up to 1 hour of operation.
  • Easy to start.
  • Comes with a soldering iron tip.


  • The safety feature is not easy to manipulate while using the torch. You have to put it down.

Blazer Es1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch, Black:

Product features :

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    This is a rather expensive torch but it is a great value for the money. If you need a product that will always deliver the performance it claims then you need to pick this one.
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    It features an angled head with a slim body for easy use and portability. This is a sturdy and versatile torch that you can use for dabbing, jewelry work, metal work, cooking, and various industrial purposes. The air flow control is located at the top of the torch for best results. You will be able to control the strength and length of the flame without having to put your torch down. The flame can be adjusted from yellow to blue flame depending on the purpose. Either way, this torch will not let you down because it is very well made. It features a piezoelectric ignition system that requires no electric connection. You will be able to light it safely and easily so you can enjoy your time to the maximum. The flame can reach up to 2500 degrees F which makes it one of the most powerful torches on the market. It is easy to fill, light and terminate which makes it perfect for precise jobs and delicate work. The hot flame will allow you to enjoy your time whether you are dabbing or working on metals.
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    It has a hands-free locking mechanism. This means that you can still enjoy the strong flame even after placing your torch on a table. If you are looking for a high-quality product that will deliver exceptional performance, then this one is definitely worth the extra cash.


  • Slim body for easy use.
  • An angled head for maximum control over the flame.
  • Air flow control is located on top of the torch.
  • Locking mechanism to enjoy the flame without holding it
  • Adjustable flame for various purposes.


  • It is rather expensive.

Newport Zero 6" Butane Torch:

Product features :

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    The last product on our list is practical and rather affordable. The low-profile design guarantees that you will get the flame you’ve always wanted without doing a lot of tricks. It is practical and straightforward, so you can depend on it while dabbing, cooking, or working on fine jewelry.
  • arrow-circle-right
    For a decent price, you will receive a high-quality torch that you can adjust for various purposes. It features an elegant black paint that keeps it looking good after years of use. Thanks to the gas flow regulator, you can choose the lowest or highest setting depending on your needs. Either way, you are always going to guarantee a strong flame that will not accidentally go out. Once you fill it with butane, you will get a decent solid flame that won’t go off whether you are dabbing or cooking. Don’t worry because refilling this torch is as easy as it gets. It is ergonomically designed so you can use it comfortably without feeling any strain or discomfort. It also comes with a free standing base. It guarantees that you can enjoy a hands-free application without having to worry about carrying your torch. This product is a great value for the money because it is made of sturdy parts that withstand the heat. It is designed to provide decent performance for culinary purposes, hobbies, metalwork, and dabbing.
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    You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the flame you’ve always wanted. Thanks to this product, you will get a strong and precise flame that you can enjoy for as much as you want.


  • Made of sturdy materials.
  • Adjustable flame.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Freestanding base that allows for a hands-free application.


  • The difference between the highest and lowest setting is not that big.


By examining several products on the market, it is clearly difficult to decide on the best dab torch. However, there are a few features that you should take into consideration before picking your next torch. A good torch doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune, but it should be practical and convenient to use. Picking a high-quality product means that you can use your torch for other purposes when you are done dabbing. Make sure that you compare the pros and cons of each product until you pick the most suitable one.

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