Best Meal Replacement Protein Drinks Review

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With myriad varieties of meal replacement shakes in the market today picking out the one that is most suitable for you may be a difficult task. If you are facing a dilemma between huel and soylent meal shakes then you are at the right place. This article will give you a close look at the two and give you just about all the information you need to make your choice. With the benefits of both meals being just about the same, as reported by MealReplacementReviewPro, you are probably wondering where the difference comes in. If you are, then buckle up as we address this!

The main difference between the two meal replacement shakes is the ingredients that are used for both of them. Huel shakes make the perfect meal for vegan and keto dieters’ reason being all the ingredients contained in them are obtained from plants only, and the amount of sugars and carbohydrate they contain are just the right amount for a keto dieter.

The composition of a huel meal is inclusive of all the following ingredients: protein whose main source is peas and brown rice, sugar, fiber, fats, carbohydrates that are sourced mainly from oats and over seven types of vitamins including Vitamin K2 and Vitamin A. other essential minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, copper, manganese just to mention but a few are also contained in huel meal replacement shakes. It is important to note that huel meals are soy free. On their own, huel meals have a not so good taste I would say but as the years have gone by different flavors of these meals have been developed all from organic ingredients.

When it comes to its use, a huel meal only requires blending with water and some milk if you so desire and this can be done using a blender or a blender cup that can be purchased from huel.

Soylent meals, on the other hand, are not so different from the huel ones. They are comprised of proteins, fats, sugar, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins as well. However, Soylent’s protein is sourced from soy whereas among the vitamins it contains is Vitamin K1 and not K2 as is the case with huel meals.

Soylent meals just like their huel counterparts are also 100% vegan, but the amounts of carbs contained in them are too high especially for anyone who is on a keto diet. Such high amounts of fat are however suitable for bodybuilders looking to gain shape. The high amounts of sugar contained in soylent meals are from artificial sweeteners and when it comes to matters taste then soylent meals blend perfectly well with just about any other thing that may add flavor to the meal. There are however a number of flavors that Soylent meals come in. Therefore, there should be no cause for alarm!

Price ranges for both soylent and huel meals are almost at per so when it comes to making a choice between the two it all boils down to your preferences and more so in terms of health benefits.

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