Top Grooming Products for Dogs

King Kanine has been around and has a plethora of furry friendly products available in their arsenal. They’ve become one of the most popular leaders when it comes to pet grooming products out there, and there’s a good reason why. In this King Kanine review, we’re going to go over some of them and explain how the company has launched its best products on the market today.

Maximum Deshedding

When it comes to dog combs, many people have to clean the comb after use by hand, and it’s normally a painstaking process. Usually, you have to brush your pet, dig the hair out of the bristles, and then repeat numerous times, but with King Komb, the innovative deshedding tool (with more than 600 positive reviews mind you), you can use multiple sides in order to help keep your pet dander free, as well as help get rid of loose fur that dogs commonly have to deal with when they’re shedding their winter coats. 

Another great use for this is when you use their King Klean all-natural dog shampoo made out of organic ingredients. If you have a smaller dog, they even have a smaller comb that works wonders. Many swear by these tools and won’t ever use another store-bought comb again.

Paw Cleaning on a Whole New Level

One of the biggest places that bacteria and even parasites can get transferred from pets to humans (or just to their own mouths even) is by their paws. Pinworms for example, are commonly dropped by birds just about everywhere in your yard, and you may not even realize it until your dog already has them. 

By digging in the dirt like they love to do, they get the eggs transferred to their paws, and ingest them frequently, as well as roundworm and ringworms. This is because they use their mouths of course to clean their paws. When you want to help yourself (and your pet out), your best bet is to use a non-toxic alternative cleaner for their paws. By using Triethylene Glycol and Benzalkonium Chloride, you can wash your pet’s paws off well with a foaming anti-bacterial paw soap that is perfect for them.

The Shampoo of Nature

We mentioned it earlier, but King Kanine’s King Klean Shampoo is made to help your dog feel great and be completely clean. It conditions with natural products and oils your dog’s coat, as well as using lemongrass, jojoba oil, and even aloe vera to keep your pet’s skin smooth and treated well too. Because this dog shampoo is made with all natural organic ingredients, it’s non-toxic, won’t harm your dog in any way, is a green product, and is also hypoallergenic. Not only this, but it helps your pet not shed too much hair, but gets rid of the already shed hair and dander well.


While many people are used to using King Kanine products since they started up, their research and innovative technology has brought numerous new products to the market, including their pet grooming supplies. This way, you can take care of your pet all over rather than just with other products that they offer. King Kanine’s aim is to give you quality pet grooming products so you won’t ever have to use the cheap stuff from local stores again.

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