Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling

Panasonic Microwave Oven NNSN686S

Panasonic Microwave Oven NNSN686S 

Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS Microwave Oven 

Sharp R77 220V Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Sharp R77 220V Stainless Steel Microwave Oven 

The best microwave oven for baking and grilling is a must-have kitchen appliance which simplifies cooking and baking. You can use it to deliver succulent roasts, solidified chicken parts, and tasty cakes. This device is one appliance you need because it offers a wide range of options. Also, we love the fact that it can be cost-effective and easy to utilize

If you would instead enjoy those restaurant-standard tasty meals at home but more healthily, get this kitchen wonder. Once you buy the best microwave oven for baking and grilling, start enjoying the mouth-watering delicacies in your kitchen. At least you can monitor your health.

But then, there are many brands and types available. There are the conventional or countertop, gas or electric, mini or commercial ovens. When you decide what you will be making with your microwave oven, you can then purchase accordingly. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the 5 best microwave oven for baking and grilling.

​Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling


Panasonic Microwave Oven NNSN686S ​

Panasonic Microwave Oven NNSN686S

If you want your cooking prowess to increase and deliver delicious flavor, you need this Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave Oven. It is a countertop microwave oven which you can use to deliver mouth-watering succulent dishes. Besides, it can keep your delicacies, desserts, gravies, or soups fresh and warm until you are ready to dish them out.

It comes with the patented inverter technology as well as turbo defrost to ensure a seamless power stream. As a result, it provides continuous, evenly prepared dishes without overcooking them. The turbo defrost facilitates its defrosting time as well.

The design of this particular product is compact with 13.4" turntable, which is lighter, thinner, and highly efficient. Thus; you can place it on your countertop since it cannot consume much space. Also, its internal dimensions and interior capacity is (H x W x D): 9 15/16” x 15 13/16” x 14 3/8” respectively. So we believe it can accommodate lots of dishes for the people at home.

This particular Panasonic Countertop microwave also features genuine sensors with a smart cooking setting. These features are built-in and automatic to adjust the time and power to suit any food you are preparing. There are also other benefits such as; fourteen preset menus, safety lock for children, delay start, as well as a quick minute timer.


  • This product delivers shorter cooking time
  • Offers consistent cooking power
  • It can steam, braise, and poach to perfection
  • You will never experience overcooking of dishes
  • The food it cooks retains its nutrients
  • Preserves texture, color, and delicious results.
  • Its design is compact and consumes
  • lesser space
  • It is easy to use
  • Versatile meal preparation
  • It maintains the food temperature until it is ready to serve


  • It is not 100% durable


Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS Microwave Oven ​

Toshiba ECO42A5C-BS Microwave Oven

Are you looking for the best microwave oven for baking and grilling that can offer multiple cooking techniques? This Toshiba oven with convection function smart sensor is your best option.

This product offers four different automatic bake menu as well as 4 automatic roast menus. Apart from the microwave function, this particular product can grill, bake, and reheat with either one or both its functions to produce a versatile cooking effect.

With this microwave at your disposal, you don't need to do guesswork again for your cooking due to its sensor function. Its built-in sensor consistently pinpoints the food humidity level as it cooks. As a result, it can adjust the temperature and time automatically to suit the food.

The design comes from stainless steel material as well as solid hard-to-wear materials. Also, construction materials are rust and scratch-resistant. Moreover, it makes the cleaning and maintenance of this unit quite easy and convenient. You only need a few wipes with any damp cloth to keep it clean.

There is also an Eco Mode for energy-saving function. You can always reduce up to 50% standby power if you turn on the ECO Mode. Thus; you will be saving energy consumption, operating cost, and the universe.


  • It is easy to use, maintain, and keep clean
  • There is the warm hold function
  • It ensures fresh and warm meals
  • The user experience is exceptional
  • It is rust and scratch-resistant
  • Compatible to many kitchen techniques
  • The design is stunning to serve as a perfect gift item


  • The size is a bit on the large side


Sharp R77 220V Stainless Steel Microwave Oven ​

Sharp R77 220V Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

The Sharp Stainless Steel microwave oven is a compact, beautiful, and functional unit that can satisfy every of your cooking needs. Both the heating and grilling functions perform wonderfully.

It is has a 34-liter capacity as well as 5 power levels and 9 automatic programs. Its output power reaches up to 1000W/ Grill: 1100W and 220V only for overseas use. The design material is from more durable stainless steel, rust and scratch-free. So, you can use this product as long as you want without breakdown. 


  • It is quite durable
  • With its timer function, no overcooking of foods
  • It is rust and scratch-resistant


  • You cannot use it in the USA


Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power

Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven with 1200 Watts of Cooking Power

If you want the best microwave oven that can heat your food evenly without leaving any cold spots, this product is for you. The Panasonic Compact Microwave is designed with the inverter technology as well as 11 power ranges from lowest to highest levels.

The design is smart, sleek, and offers versatile cooking ability. You can always benefit from the convenience, speed, and its power to deliver evenly prepared and delicious dishes. This product can amaze you with its 15 Sensor cook adjustments, inverter cooking, sensor reheat, as well as more impressive attributes.

With the stainless steel stylish exterior and door design, this particular product is a convenient and stylish addition to your kitchen. You can use this exceptional 1.2 –Cubic feet, 1200 watt capacity microwave with its 13.4 turntables to cook and heat your breakfast dishes, lunch snacks, appetizers, dinner, many more.

Thus; this product is perfect for families on the go, busy professionals, as well as singles respectively. Its patented inverter technology consistently delivers streams of cooking power no matter the temperature level of the food. So, if you aim at going home with the best microwave oven for baking and grilling, grab Panasonic Compact Microwave Oven


  • It offers greater convenience
  • Also provides versatile cooking options
  • This product complies with the 2016 DOE energy conservation standard.
  • It is rust and scratches free
  • Even and fast heating functions
  • Very quick to defrost
  • Can even heat beverages


  • Its grilling functions takes time


Emerson 1.5 CU. FT. 1000W Convection Microwave Oven​

Emerson 1.5 CU. FT. 1000W Convection Microwave Oven​

You can eliminate guesswork from your cooking with this Emerson Convection microwave oven with grill. It offers versatile cooking options. For instance; you can use this unit for cooking popular dishes like; frozen vegetables and popcorn. All it requires is a press of the button, and you can enjoy your favorite meals. The best part is that the meals will be cooked in accordance with the preset power range.

This particular microwave oven also features a removable lightweight glass turntable. As a result, you will be sure of a thoroughly and evenly cooked meal. You can even remove the turntable easily if you want to clean up the device.

There is also the child safety function which locks out any activity of children, thus keeping them safe. It also comes with time as well as weight defrost features. You only need to press in the food weight, and the microwave will set its maximum time for defrosting automatically. You can even set your specific defrosting time and power level.


  • Cooks as a griller, microwave as well as convection heat
  • Offers multiple power levels
  • Convenient pre-programmed recipes
  • Offers even and complete cooking session
  • This product is quite durable
  • Its operation is efficient and fast


  • The exterior gets hot during use

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling

When you want to buy a microwave oven, you will find out that there are many options available to choose from. However, it is not all that can offer the things you are looking for while preparing meals. That’s why; you need to consider certain factors before buying any of them so that you can get the best. You need to look out for the following;

Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling

External Dimensions

Majority of the microwaves available can fit any kitchen countertop. Therefore, before you buy any product, make sure it can fit on your countertop perfectly. This is very important if you don’t have adequate space. But if you do, don’t mind the bulky nature if it is the best microwave oven for baking and grilling.


Internal Capacity

Generally, the internal capacity of the best microwave is in cubic feet. However, small size microwaves may be cheaper but are not likely to contain much. Just go for the size that appropriately suits your needs. You may consider buying a large size if you always cook for many people. 


Internal Dimensions

The internal dimension of a microwave is as important as its overall capacity. You should always consider what you will be putting inside the microwave oven before making your choice. If you are putting your dinner plate inside the microwave, you will need to check its height.


Power Setting

The power setting of a microwave oven is essential since if the power setting is higher, the microwave will be stronger. You should always go for a powerful unit which ensures faster cooking.


Available Settings

You should always check the setting options which are available in the microwave. Make sure the unit you are buying features power and time levels, and easy usage, especially if you are using the oven regularly.


Digital or Dial

Microwaves come in the traditional dials as well as the touch button and digital display. Just select the model that you will be comfortable with and most convenient. 


Safety Lock

It is essential to look for a unit that comes with a safety lock, especially if you are going to use the oven around young children. 

Frequently Ask Questions of The Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling


Is It Safe to Use the Best Microwave Oven for Baking and Grilling?

According to WHO, they are safe as long as you follow the instructions for usage from the manufacturers. 


Can a Microwave Last Very Long?

The answer is yes! It can. However, you need to be careful about where you place it. It is safer for the microwave if you position it closer to the wall with a little gap of about 4 inches. Also, you should keep it clean at all times. Make sure that you place the appropriate bowls inside the microwave such as plastic, ceramic, and microwave glass. Always be careful and gentle when handling the microwave door and do not slam it shut as this can blow a fuse. Make sure you apply the programs that come with the microwave to help you cook perfectly. If you do all these, your microwave oven is likely to last for a very long time.


You’ve seen that we have five of the best microwave oven for baking and grilling. However, our top pick is the Panasonic Microwave Oven NNSN686S Stainless Steel Countertop product. With its beautiful stainless steel powerful design, it is the perfect and convenient addition to your kitchen. Unlike the traditional units, this product doesn’t depend on pulse-off or pulse-on power. Instead, it is an innovative device that uses the patented Inverter Technology to provide consistent streams of cooking at every heat level.

If you would instead make your own choice, you can always choose from any of the other products listed here. They all offer excellent value on your investment. 

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