Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet?

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Can you vacuum wet carpet using your regular vacuum cleaner? The answer is “No” as a friendly advice. Your regular vacuum cleaner can only pick up dry objects and is not meant for water or spills. It can be very dangerous to do so. The main reason for this is the HEPA filter in your home vacuum is not able to handle liquids. Also let's read how vacuum cleaners work?

But what to do if your house is either flooded or has a spill? The best way is of course to remove the carpeting. But if it is a wall to wall carpeting, you are short of options. Water can easily form harmful molds and odor. Warm, dark and humid environments are the conditions in which mold and mildew thrive. So it is necessary to use the right gear to prevent damp and smelly home.

So can you use a vacuum on wet carpet that is meant for vacuuming liquids? The answer is, “Yes! You surely can.” Wet-dry vacuum is specially made for vacuuming dry dirt and liquid from many kinds of surfaces. The wet-dry vacuum consists of three components: the bucket, or collection chamber, the motor unit, and the hose. The motor is set above the collection chamber and drives a suction fan as a regular vacuum that draws air through the hose. The larger collection chamber decreases the air pressure and lets the dust particles fall and releases the air. This much is pretty similar to the regular vacuum you have. The difference lies in the placement of components. The absence of an electrical or mechanical component in the path of the dust and water makes it safe and adequate. The separation of motor unit from the collecting chamber further prevents the potential for any electric shock.

So how can you vacuum wet carpet using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner? The steps are given below for you to follow:

  • Remove all the furniture from the affected area to prevent mold
  • Finish vacuuming the dry area first to save time that might have been lost for switching between dry and wet area. You can even use your regular household carpet for this task.
  • If there are any stains, use a stain remover and let it sit for the time indicated in the instruction of the remover.
  • Prepare and evenly spread a solution of carpet cleaner and water. The vacuum cleaner is not capable of spreading the solution so make sure you do this very carefully.
  • Use the cleaner to clean each section very carefully and press down hard as the water in the carpet can go deeper than just on the surface. Make sure both surfaces of the carpet is dry to prevent the floor from buckling.
  • Wait until each area is dry before moving on to the next area.
  • Keep an eye on the fill tank so you can prevent overflow. Dump the water when you think it has reached its limit.
  • Be careful to clean the carpet with the clean water if the spilled water is dirty. This may cause the dirt to stick to the surface while removing only the liquid portion.

Depending on the amount of water, sometimes replacing the old carpet or calling in the professionals might be a better option. Here are  two guides to choose the best commercial vacuum and the best vacuum for stairs. Also, you can find cordless vacuums review for carpet following this link.

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