Cost to Rekey Locks

Cost to Rekey Locks

Almost everything essential things for a safe and secure living nowadays comes with a price tag. Some prices may be too high that it is already shooting off the roof, some are priced as “just right” but results to a “just ok” level of security, and there are some which aren’t too costly but are actually very beneficial and reliable. When it comes to security, aside from hiring a guard and installing a CCTV, one of the best things that could keep a residential, commercial, and even automotive properties safe from intruders is the right type of sturdy and reliable locks. Locks, however, no matter what the brand is, no matter what they are made off, and even no matter how newly installed in a home or establishment, they still could be damaged or even opened by thieves or robbers depending on how skillful and equipped they are when it comes to breaking-in into establishments. That may sound alarming, but it’s better to stay alarmed and ready than staying laid back and suffer the consequences. Keep that in mind. Your clients and even you would need to keep your security at its prime state all the time.

What’s Key Rekeying?

You may know what key rekeying is already, but for starters, who usually just think that when an unauthorized person has a copy of the homeowner or business owner's original key, replacing the entire lock is the only solution, better not skip this part. Basically, rekeying is the process of removing a lock’s old lock pins and replacing it with new ones which would make the old key of the lock purposeless and make the new one carry on with the job as the key that would be able to lock and unlock the lock. This could be done by a homeowner or business owner on their own but of course, to save time and effort from doing so, they resort to hiring professional locksmiths to do the job. We know for a fact anyway that when it’s the expert who does the job, it would yield to a more desirable result.

When to Rekey Locks?

Rekeying locks become a need when a security hazard is just around the corner. When the keyholder lost his or her key and could have ended up in the hands of another person, that person obviously just gained access to the key holder’s home or business - in this case, considering lock rekeying is advisable. When the key holder’s key has been stolen in purpose, the person who stole the key would most likely use the key to access the key holder’s properties, which could impose a great safety and security hazards - in this case, considering having a lock rekeyed is highly advisable. When a family just moved into a new home, the previous owners most probably still have the keys for the home so in this case, rekeying is also the key to keeping the home exclusive for the authorized people alone - namely, the family who moves in. When a lock has been picked and had been damaged or even opened - in this case rekeying could also be the solution but it would be depending on the damage the lock receives. A lock that is severely damaged may need a lock replacement rather than rekeying.

Rekeying VS Replacing

Know what you or your clients need. Rekeying and replacing locks works differently, so it would be better to know which one will be needed in certain situations. If the need is to get rid of the worries of being intruded by a stranger who might have a copy of the original key, the need falls to rekeying. If an easy and fast process is wanted, rekeying might also be the need. But when it comes to upgrading and customizing the security of an establishment, lock replacement or even installation of an additional lock is the key. 

Rekeying Cost VS Replacing Cost

Another obvious difference between lock rekeying and lock replacing is the price tag that hangs. Since lock-in replacing a set of a new lock is needed to proceed, it would be sane to assume that it would cost you more than merely rekeying. Since in lock rekeying the lock pins or a rekeying kit is needed it is also just right to assume that the cost wouldn’t be as high as buying a replacement lock. 

Lock Rekeying Common Price Range

How much would it cost to rekey a lock, you ask? Well, do know that it varies depending on the material, brand that will be used, and the locksmith service provider who would render the service. When the rekeying will be made without the aid from a professional locksmith, the cost would only come from the rekeying kit that will be used, which usually costs about $10 on Amazon, but of course, this still varies depending on the inclusions of the set and its brand.

If a locksmith service provider would be the one to do the rekeying, based on the price I’ve searched up the price for the service usually ranges from $18 to $25 per keyhole, but it varies depending on the provider.

How do you know if it’s worth it?

Lock rekeying would only be worth your money if once has done right. If you did the lock rekeying by just following the steps you’ve seen on the internet, never forget to test it to see the result. Turn your key, lock and unlock it a few times and make sure that it works as it's supposed to. If you’re a professional locksmith who has done this kind of thing many times already, it wouldn’t hurt to test it just the same. See to it that your clients’ money had been spent well in availing your service. But when it comes to security and safety, it is always worth it. Spending a few dollars to keep the security of a home, a business establishment, and an automobile would always be at your advantage.

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