Do Knee Braces help with Knee Pain?

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Knee pain is a common problem for both young and old people. Athletes, in particular, suffer from knee pain quite often. Most football players wear knee braces so that they don’t hurt their knees. The lateral movement and sharp turns can create extra pressure on the knee so that knee braces can be very useful in this case. Severe knee pain can hamper your mobility. Many people use knee braces when they suffer from knee pain. But do knee braces help with knee pain? Here, we are going to discuss the benefits of wearing knee braces.

Do Knee Braces Help With Knee Pain?

Knee pain can provide structural support and pain relief. If you have ACL tear or another kind of knee injury, the physician will prescribe a knee brace. The knee brace will provide protection and prevent further injuries. Those who suffer from chronic pain due to knee injury or osteoarthritis, find relief by wearing knee braces.

There is a little controversy about whether knee braces work for knee pain or not. Scientific studies have shown that a knee brace limits the movement of your kneecap and knee. So, there won’t be any pressure on the muscles and tendons as they won’t do any work. Because of not working for some time, they may get weak. So, when you remove the knee brace, these may not work properly, and you may get injured as your knee won’t be functioning properly.

However, the companies that make knee braces demand that it works. An ACL knee brace along with an ankle stabilizer can help in movement even after an injury. Many people also believe that these work. They get relief from pain by wearing a knee brace. If you suffer from knee pain, you should visit the doctor for a recommendation about knee brace.

When Should You Use Knee Braces?

There are various types of knee braces. Each has a different function. Here we are going to discuss the reasons why you may wear knee braces.

  • You may need a knee brace for support.
  • Some doctors also recommend wearing knee braces after knee surgery.
  • Knee braces are also worn to prevent injury while participating in sports like running or weight lifting.
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    If you have arthritis or other knee problems, then a knee brace will help in your movement.
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    A knee brace can prevent injury during exercise.
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    A knee brace can keep your ligaments and leg muscles in good condition.
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    Your posture may improve by wearing a knee brace.

Types of Knee Braces

You will find various designs of knee braces in the market. Most knee braces are made up of both rigid and plastic materials. These include metal, plastic, etc. for the structure and foam or synthetic rubber for the padding. Here are some of the types of knee braces you will find in the market.

Functional Braces

These braces protect an injury. It can help in the healing process. It helps to stabilize the knee and control your movement to prevent further injury.

Rehabilitative Braces

This type of brace is worn after knee surgery to limit the movement of the knee during the healing period. There is controversy regarding the usefulness of this type of brace.

Prophylactic Braces

These braces will prevent injury during various kinds of sports like football, weightlifting, running, etc. Most athletes wear these braces to avoid injury.

Unloader Braces

Arthritis causes stress in the inner knee. These braces unload the stress and give relief. The side movement is limited, and pressure is exerted on the thigh bone so that you feel less pain on your knees.

Risks of Wearing Knee Braces

For hunting, you will have to walk through bushes and uneven surfaces. So, you need a good pair of boots. It is better to buy light boots, as heavy boots will hurt your knees. Make sure you practice walking on them before going for hunting.

  • Many people don’t find it comfortable wearing the knee braces. They feel bulky, heavy and hot initially.
  • Many people have swelling or redness by wearing knee braces. It happens mostly when the knee braces are not properly worn.
  • Many researchers believe that knee braces don’t have any significant benefit. Some research works have found that many arthritis patients didn’t get any benefit from wearing knee braces.
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    You might not get knee brace of the right fit for yourself. In such case, you may need to custom built it. This can be a bit of a hassle.

People who are suffering from osteoarthritis need to exercise regularly to improve their condition. However, it might be difficult to do so because of the pain. Knee braces can help in this case by providing support and relieving the pain. People who are involved in sports like football also need to wear knee braces for support and prevention of injury.

There is no clear scientific evidence about the benefits of wearing knee braces. Some doctors think knee braces are helpful; whereas, others don’t. But if you suffer from a knee injury, you can wear a knee brace and see if your condition improves. A knee brace is inexpensive, and there is no harm in giving it a try.

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