Facts About Foundation Repair

Foundation is an essential structural component of a building. It provides a well-leveled surface on the ground and keeps the whole structure strong and stable. Any issues with the foundation will eventually weaken the structure and thus requires immediate attention. Foundation repair is something you want to address as soon as you detect the problem. 

Here are some of the important facts you need to know about foundation repair.

  • It is vital to get to the root cause of the foundation problem to fix it well. In most cases, the foundation problem is caused by the presence of clayey soil near the foundation, excess water around the house, and poor drainage system in and around the house. Groundwater can also have some negative pressure on the foundation.
  • The strength of the foundation depends on its construction, as well as the soil conditions of the area.
  • Using epoxy can seal the foundation crack excellently, but not for the long term. It is better to work on the long term repair methods that would provide the strength back to the structure.
  • Not all foundation problems need replacement. Mere repair work can also solve the problem more effectively than wasting money by replacing the whole foundation with a new one. The professionals at BayCrawlSpace are very friendly and honest when it comes to letting the customer know what the problems regarding the foundation are and then take the next step accordingly.
  • Foundation repair is not very much expensive. Finding out where the real problem lies and repair that can save a lot of money and make the foundation repair process less expensive.
  • Steel piers and wall anchors are used to repair the problems with the foundation, in most of the cases. An expert contractor can use these engineered products for foundation repair according to the issue your foundation has
  • Cracked bricks or pillars are an indication of any underlying foundation problem, although not all cracks indicate the same.
  • Hairline wall cracks in the walls can be sealed by epoxy without much displacement of the foundation. However, large wall cracks need attention to repair them, on time, properly.
  • Uneven floors are also a sign of foundation problem. There might be some problem with the crawlspace or the framing of the floor which should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Foundation leveling is done to undo the issues with the foundation of the structure. It lifts the area and provides stability to the structure and also prevents any further damage as well.

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