6 Great Front Door Options For Enhancing Any Home

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You've finished setting up the patio with new furniture and your foyer is freshly decorated. You've laid out attractive displays on your shelves, and the items laid out in the bathrooms and the living room hit the perfect balance between useful and beautiful. You have made your home over and brought it up to the highest possible level. Or have you? Did you do anything about your front door? Find the most reliable automotive locksmith Houston TX expert the city has to offer. In our time, we've seen a whole host of front doors, from the very greatest entries that impress every visitor to the ominous doors that nearly frighten us away - and we're getting paid to go there! Complete your home makeover project by picking out the perfect front door style.

1) Traditional

This is a wide-ranging category that embraces a lot of different styles, but they're all united by their formality, simplicity, and popularity. "Traditional" doors tend to vary from region to region; in your particular neighborhood, you could argue that whatever front door style is most common on the other homes is the one that counts as "traditional." Traditional doors are often seen on colonial, ranch, and split-level homes. These doors are commonly painted in dark colors, like black, gray, or navy blue. Picking a color that's a little bit darker than rest of your home's exterior works well if you have a monochromatic house. Hardware for the traditional door should stick with durable, muted metals - brass, gold, and pewter are perfect for the little details like knobs, knockers, and mail slots. Keep external accessories in the entryway simple when you have a traditional door. A single bench or a pair of planters work well. Throwing a patterned cushion on the bench gives you an opportunity to add a splash of color. For lighting the front door, a lantern suits the traditional look well. A lantern with an authentic patina looks especially nice with a wooden front door with a dark stain.

2) Modern Chic 

A less-serious front door can still look terrific, particularly if it fits into a hip overall style for the exterior of your home. Modern doors are great with mid-century modern houses and contemporary homes. Interesting colors are tailor-made for the modern door; consider bold options like tangerine, turquoise, cyan, orange, or fuchsia. In the modern style, house numbers can become decorative as well as informative; use them to make a statement with a big, bold font choice. When you're taking your front door loud, dial down the rest of the exterior decor around it. You don't need patio accents or loud doormats when your door is attracting attention on its own. "Streamlined" is the key term you should be thinking of for your entryway. When it comes to door hardware, modern is the perfect style for silver-toned metal fittings. These look especially good if the materials around the door are mainly concrete and/or glass. Keep the modern theme running with sharp, angular light fixtures. Modern doors commonly lockout residents and so they must seek help from a credible automotive locksmith Houston tx, expert.

3) Beach Bungalow 

Whether you're right on the shore or just want to make belief, a seaside style can do wonders for your front door. Materials and details on seaside homes tend toward the relaxed and rustic. Painting the door blue (any shade) is a classic and effective touch. Surround the seaside door with cozy accessories that continue the nautical themes. Driftwood and wicker are good material choices, and you can even turn to seashells for the detail accents. Natural textures are dominant in the beach bungalow style. Try not to go overboard with the casual clutter. You're still aiming to make a positive first impression; it's better to hit the bullseye once than to pile up too many near-misses.

4) Country Cottage 

"Modest" is a common word used in describing country homes, but that's never supposed to be a synonym for bare or impersonal. Use wrought-iron details, stone underfoot, and built-in benches to convey a "why don't you stay a spell" message to your visitors. Vibrant door colors can work surprisingly well with cottage styles, but soft shades work too. Metal fittings should be matte, not shiny. The cottage look practically demands a noteworthy doormat. You may want to add a personal touch by stationing a pair of boots right outside the door. Not only does it look cute, but it encourages guests to take off their own footwear if they're coming in messy.

5) Eclectic 

If your home presents a mix of different styles, you can rise to the challenge of tying it all together at the front door. Exotic colors are ideal for eclectic homes, and the field is wide open when it comes to styling your stoop. The eclectic look works well with metal fittings that have a glossy sheen: gold, copper, and brass. Coordinate your palette with matching bench upholstery or painted cachepots. The eclectic style cries out for quirky and unique accents, like an animal-shaped door knocker or an exotic outdoor rug. If you get locked out of your home make sure to visit with a top automotive locksmith Houston tx expert for help.

6) Period Homes 

For a home with a distinctive classical style - Georgian, Victorian, Federal, and so forth - the front door needs to speak in the same design language as the rest of the house. Multi Color palettes, painstaking brickwork, textured shingles - your door should reflect them. If you've stuck consistently to a serious classical look, the front door is not the place for wild paint schemes; stick with somber colors like indigo or ink black. Natural or stained woods can also work if your home's overall color scheme is light. Dark stains or jewel tones can also work to complement a well-put-together home.

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