How Many Ounces are Boxing Gloves?

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A lot of beginners are asking the question "How many ounces are the standard boxing gloves?".However, there is not one right answer to this question.In reality, the size of the boxing gloves depends on the type of training you plan to do.

What is the right size boxing gloves?

The right size boxing gloves depend on the type of the glove, the purpose of the glove, and the user.Below we are going to look at the types of boxing gloves and their sizes.

If you are a novice in the sport or you have a tight budget, probably the best option is to go with all-purpose boxing gloves.This means that you will use one pair of gloves for training on the heavy bag, hitting focus mitts, and sparring.

However, if you want to participate in competitions, then you will need to buy a specific pair for the fights. But more on that later.

Size and Weight

One of the most important things when choosing boxing gloves is your size, weight, and punching power.As a general guideline - the bigger you are, the bigger gloves you need.

This is for a simple reason. If you are big and powerful puncher you will most probably hurt your sparring partner if you are using small gloves.And we are not in the gym to kill each other.

Below is some general advice about the size of boxing gloves.

10oz - 100-120lbs
12oz - 120-150lbs
14oz - 150-180lbs
16oz - 180+ lbs

However, these measures are just an approximation. It really depends on the type of the gloves too.There are some really stiff and hard gloves, and also there are some really protective ones.

Generally, bigger gloves offer more padding, therefore, more protection for your hands. In the long run, the blows really add up and protecting your hands is important if you want to stay injury-free.

Types of boxing gloves

Sparring gloves

This is the type of gloves you need if you are going to buy just one pair.Sparring gloves are basically the most padded version and with most protection both for your hands and your opponent.Regardless of the size and weight, we advise sparring with a minimum of 14oz gloves.

Unless you are preparing for a competition and you want to spar with the competition weight gloves. However, if you intend to do that, always be extra protective and let your partner knows about it.

It is just not fair if he is protecting you and you are not returning the favor.If you are a beginner, start with bigger gloves to be safer.

Heavy bag gloves

Heavy bag gloves are designed to be used on a punching bag.They are sufficiently padded for extra protection for the hands and are made for maximum durability.

These type of gloves is used mainly for one reason. If you own a high-quality pair of sparring gloves and you just don't want to ruin the padding using it on the heavy bag, then in your help comes the bag gloves.

They usually don't have specific sizes and you can go with whatever product you want, just make sure that it keeps your hands safe and pain-free.

Competition boxing gloves

These are the gloves you will use when fighting in real competitions.They are usually smaller and you have to wear specific size gloves depending on your weight class. They also have to be verified by the boxing association in your country.For example, in the USA they must be USA Boxing approved for amateur fighting.

Usually, you will fight in 10oz or 12oz. However, always make sure to ask your coach as he will give you the best advice possible.

Generally, your sparring/training gloves must be more well-padded and softer. While the competition gloves should be smaller, compact and stiffer.


Buying boxing gloves is like buying shoes. They have to fit right and the size can make a big difference.Make sure to try different products in your local stores or in your gym. That way you can feel some different boxing gloves and see what will be best for you.

Read some reviews and choose what looks like the best option. If you are a beginner buy some affordable, fairly good looking training gloves and just start training.

When you advance and if you still like the sport, you will have more knowledge about choosing the right equipment.Then you can go look for specific product and specific characteristics.

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