How to Adjust Car Stereo for Best Sound?

(Last Updated On: September 2, 2018 )

When we are in the car, we tend to listen to music, an audio book or the radio. It is a great way to relax our mind. However, we don’t always get the best sound quality from our car stereo. Only the high-end cars come with a great stereo system. In the typical vehicles, you will find an average sound system that may not give you the best experience. You may replace your car stereo system entirely, but that would be expensive. Instead, if you know how to adjust car stereo for best sound, you can save a lot of money.

How to adjust car stereo for best sound?

As we are now busier than ever, many of us find little to listen to music at home. The car is the best place to enjoy some great music. Most modern cars now have double din head units rather than the single din. The top rated double din head units have a larger display and more features. Still, you may not get the best quality sound. You need to make some adjustments to your car stereo system; you can experience high-quality sound. Here we are going to discuss how to do so.


The standard speakers that you already have in your car may not be the best quality speakers. These speakers will produce bass, treble and other sounds with one unit. If you replace your existing speaker with a modern car speaker, it will have various extra features and will come with additional components like woofers and tweeters. So, you will get better quality sound.

You can install a car subwoofer to reproduce bass. If you have large woofers, the bass will be deeper. However, 8-inch car subs are best for a car audio system. Installing a subwoofer is one of the best ways to upgrade your audio system.

Car Sound Deadening

You can include sound-deadening materials to improve the sound quality of your car stereo. The speakers are usually placed in the front doors and near the rear seats facing up toward the window at the back. When you listen to music in high volume, there will be vibrations from the speakers, and it will make your car shake. The extra noise that you get from the vibration and shaking of your car can lower the sound quality. Sound deadening materials can absorb vibrations, and so you need to install it in your car for better sound quality.

Amplifiers and Receivers

Amplifiers will give extra support to the car’s stereo system. The built-in amplifiers that come with the car’s stereo system are too small. An external amplifier can greatly improve the sound quality. Make sure that you match the max power output of the speaker with that of the amplifier. You should try to remove any distortions, and this can be done in the following ways.

  • Set the amp gain low and turn up the receiver’s volume as you play music until you hear distortion. Then put down the volume until there is no more distortion. This is the maximum volume of the receiver for hearing the clear music.
  • Similarly, you can set up the amp gain by turning it up until you hear distortion and then lowering it down again until there is no distortion.

Proper Tuning of the Equalizer

You should tune your equalizer properly for a better quality sound. Many people increase the bass levels to get the thumping sound. But this may sometimes affect the song quality that you hear. In such case, you can get better results by reducing your bass or treble levels.

The environment of the car is also an important factor to consider. You should make sure that the sound can’t escape. You should consider the positioning of the speakers to make sure that you are getting the best sound. By adjusting your car stereo in the various ways discussed, you will be able to get high-quality sound from your car stereo system.

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