How to Build a Key Holder for Your Home

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Misplacement or even loss of keys is one of those common things in the day to day lives of people. This could be attributed to the fact that people do not have a specific place for keys. Using a key holder is the only sure bet of countering this problem of losing keys.

There are very many types of key holders. One of the examples of the top key holders is the vintage keys frame. The vintage keys frame resembles the look of a picture. Another top key holder is the driftwood key holders. The benefit of the driftwood key holder is that it not only holds your keys but also adds a decorative aspect to your room. If your home is located in a place that is near the beach, count yourself lucky as it is very easy to find driftwood.

There are other many types of Key holders in the market. You can buy a readymade key holder or you could build a key holder yourself. Would you like to learn how to make a key holder for your home? Keep reading.

Method 1

In this method, the materials required are a piece of wood, paint, polyurethane, a drill, and a string. The following ought to be the sequence of making a key holder using this method:

  1. Find a piece of wood that has measurements of approximately five by 7 inches. Prime all the sides of that piece of wood. The wood should be used while dry.

  2. In this step, one ought to paint the piece of wood using paint. Upon painting the wood, leave it to dry. The color of the paint is all dependent on your taste. Endeavor to paint the key holder with an appealing color.

After painting the wood, it is imperative that you spray the wood using polyurethane. One may wonder what the purpose of polyurethane is. Polyurethane plays an essential role in protecting the paint.

  1. This step involves marking the wood in that place where you would like to position the finger hooks meant for hanging keys. It is advisable that you position the finger hooks approximately 1.3 centimeters from the ends of the wood.

  2. In the two edges at the top of the wood, one needs to drill two holes. Then tie a string in those two holes. It is that string that will be used to hang the key holder on the wall.

  3. Revisit step 4 and drill holes in the positions on the wood you had identified for the finger hooks.

Into the holes, screw the finger hooks.

If you meticulously follow these steps, you will have an excellent key holder by the end of the seventh step. Losing keys after this step becomes a thing of the past.

Method 2

A technique that aims to convert an old picture frame that is of small size into a key holder is used. The materials necessary are old small picture frame and paint. This method is quite easy to follow. Keep reading.

  1. One needs to first and foremost paint the old small picture frame using paint. Choose the paint that is of a color that you like. Never use the picture frame when the paint is not dry to achieve good results.

  2. The second step involves crewing hooks into the backboard of the picture frame. It is your choice to make only one row or more than one row. If you decide to make more than one row, emphases are laid on the need to ensure that the top row is just below the top of the frame. It is advisable that ample space is left that is sufficient enough for the key to hang without touching the bottom row. 

In just these two steps, you have key holders that are ready for use. The safety of your keys is therefore guaranteed. Why not try this today?

Method 3

By the end of this method, you will have a wall mounted magnetic key holder. The benefit of this method is that it is simple and very cost efficient. To make a wall mounted magnetic key holder, the following materials are required:

  • A rectangular piece of oak wood

  • High power magnets 

  • Picture hanger clip

  • Wood stain brush

  • Drill

  • Bottle of wood glue.

Once you have assembled these materials, follow the following steps:

  1. First and foremost, cut the wood into a desirable size.

  2. Behind the wood, identify the right spacing to place the magnets

  3. Now take the drill and come up with five holes. The magnets will be glued into place in these five holes.

  4. Glue the magnets. You should proceed in making the magnetic key holder only after two hours to provide time for the glue to dry.

  5. One should then stain the key holder using the wood stain that is of your own choice.  Create time for the wood stain to dry.

  6. Identify a particular location where you will install the wall anchor into the wall.

  7. Mount the key holder on the wall.

 Have you been suffering from the habit of losing keys or misplacing them? Try the above seven steps and you will be embarking on a new start of keys safety.

Other than having a key holder, another extra measure for keys everyone ought to have is that of having a key copy.  If unable to make your own key copy, visit a competent locksmith to have your keys duplicated.

Conclusion on How to Build a Key holder for Your Home

Because people have multiple keys ranging from car keys, home keys, and office keys, one cannot underemphasize the need for a wall mounted key holder in any home. Buy or find high-quality material needed to make these key holders in order to guarantee their durability.

One benefit you will reap by building a key holder yourself is that of reduced cost. This is because much of the overhead costs associated with readymade key holders are done away with. You are also able to attend to your unique requirements in a much better way.

Never lose your keys ever again. Make that bold step and build a key holder today using either of the above methods. Don't forget to bookmark our page and keep checking back for the latest! 

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