Uses of Differential Scanning Calorimeter in Forensic Science

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Forensic science has a significant role in the resolution of legal matters by analyzing available evidence with the use of scientific technologies and procedures. Word “Forensic” means about the law, and this meaning clearly shows its role in law enforcement cases.

Latest advancements in forensic science have increased its importance because lots of complex but useful techniques are directly associated with the analysis of evidence. Heat and temperature are two essential elements that are used in forensic investigations to get scientific but authenticate facts about evidence to solve civil and criminal cases. Differential scanning calorimetry is frequently used in forensic investigations to perform heat analysis. Feel free to buy the latest medical tools from MJS Designs.

Thermal Analysis

Differential scanning calorimeter enables you to fulfill precise heat requirements of the selected sample and fixed reference material to collect data because the wrong temperature can destroy your evidence. Selected sample and reference material should be kept under similar temperature to get accurate results. Equal energy and time are required to keep both of them at the same level to have separate consequences of both items at the same time.

Role of Differential Scanning Calorimetry

DSC is extensively used in quality control departments of different industries to determine any fraudulent activity. It helps in legal proceedings by assisting in the investigation of true data. Latest circuit boards are available with PCB design company. With their use, you can get better results.

Fire Explosion Investigation

DSC helps a lot in the investigation in the fire explosion cases by determining the actual origin of the fire. Dilatometer can also be used to find out the involvement of any chemical in the fire explosion. DSC will help you to determine the actual cause of fire explosion. In previous days, a fire explosion case was investigated with the help of DSC “Differential Scanning Calorimeter” by taking different samples. The original cause of the fire was plastic chemical polyethylene.

Advertising Violation

These types of course cases are registered with an accusation of the wrong product label, and DSC is used to check the characteristics of products to make sure the presence or absence of ingredients indicated in its label. This process prohibits companies from advertising infringement because DSC will catch their fraud.

Identify Check Cases

It is a useful device to check the identity of a person by analyzing the temperature behavior of hair specimens of a specific individual. DSC is also helpful to conduct a DNA test.

Drugs Cases in Plastic Bags

DSC is beneficial to solve the cases of illegal drugs by correctly identify plastic bags used in the smuggling of illicit drugs.

Other Uses of DSC

Results of “differential scanning calorimetry” are always considered reliable and widely accepted in the recognized legal system. DSC can successfully analyze different materials and can be utilized in various industries for thermal conductivity measurement. 

Different thermal conductivity instruments are also available like Thermomechanical analyzer that will help you to increase the efficiency of your work. Thermal study products will help you to test the designing and usefulness of household items, medicines, and food items to ensure their quality according to ISO standards.  

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