How to Clean an Air Purifier Filter

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If you want to fight the challenges of keeping your home's air quality high, you will need a smoke removal air purifier. Furthermore, there is nothing that can solve the problem of air pollution for you than knowing how to clean an air purifier filter. They are tested and proven by scientists to have health benefits. Moreover, Air purifiers consume as little energy like a light bulb. They are also affordable and come with the backing of various scientists. 

However, you will need to keep your air purifier filter clean at intervals. Majority of the air purifiers available today come with visual indicators that inform the owner when it is time to replace or clean it. However, if yours do not have the visual indicator, make sure to replace it at three to six-month intervals.

When you accomplish these fetes, then you are sure of inhaling top notch quality air indoors.

The Tools You Will Need:

  • A carbon filter that is newly activated
  • A screwdriver
  • New Filter
  • check

Steps to Follow:

Unplug the Air Purifier

The first thing you should do if you want to clean your air purifier is to unplug the device. Make sure that you do not forget to turn off the power source. You should also remove its electrical cord from the receptacle on the wall to avoid accidents.

Clean the Outside of the Pre-filters

Since the exterior of the pre-filters is permanent, you can use a damp cloth on them. The damp cloth will help you to vacuum away such dirt like dust bunnies, and hair fibers that accumulated. Moreover, most compact air purifying filters include pre-filters in their air purification processes.

Open the Cover of Your Air Filter

Search for the access panel to your air filter and open it. Most of the panels are user-friendly and are held by easy to open tabs. You can easily locate these tabs at the backside of your air purifier. However, if your air purifier is one of the larger models, it may need a screwdriver. Take out the particular screwdriver for such task to open the panel. If you cannot locate the filter compartment easily, you should visit the manufacturer's website or read the manual. There, you will get the instruction on how to gain access and to remove your air filter cover.

Bring Out the Soiled Filters

Since the used filters usually contain all kinds of dirt and debris, it is imperative to be careful when removing them. It is advisable to keep a plastic bag handy. The bag will help you to store the dirty filter thereby preventing the release of contaminants to your home air.

Throw Out the Used Filters

Make sure to dispose of the bag that contains the used filters in your outdoor waste bin. You should dispose of the filters according to their specific design. For instance, if your filter construction contains plastic or glass, make sure to use EPA guidelines to dispose of it. Always make sure that you dispose of your soiled air filters responsibly.

Fix-in the New Air Filter

Majority of the air filters available today carry a specific design for installation. They are designed to fix them for a one-way airflow. All you need to do is to check for the slots, or arrows that indicate the direction of the airflow. However, if you find it difficult to do, you can go to their manufacturer's website for proper guidance. Furthermore, most filter designs are unique and difficult to find their replacement anywhere. Thus, it is advisable to check their website for instructions on how to order the filters and their replacements.

Put Back the Cover of the Air Filter

Put back the cover of the air filter assembly which you initially removed. Also, make sure it is secure and tightened back to its position. Furthermore, ensure that the alignment tab of the plastic corresponds with the guiding holes. However, if it is compulsory for you to remove the screws before you can access the filter panel. It is advisable to reinstall those immediately.

Test Your Air Purifier Filter

After going through the above processes, the next thing to do is to plug-in your purifier to a power source. This test will help you to gauge whether your device is working as it should after the clean-up exercise. Another important reason to do a test run is to see if your device recognizes the new filter you installed. When your machine recognizes the new filter, it can then reset the filter controls functions. This action will help the control functions to monitor the performance of the filter. If during the testing process, the device notices improper installation, it will alert the user immediately.


Overall, it is advisable to maintain and clean your air purifier filter regularly. Moreover, it is the perfect way to increase your machine's lifespan. It is also the perfect way to make the quality of your home's air top notch at all times.

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