How To Dress Up As A Rapper

Regardless of the event, I will dress up!  That was why I was so excited when I was invited to an '80s themed party a few weeks ago.  My husband and I spent hours puzzling over what to wear - should we try a Zack Morris/Kelly Kapowski thing, but we couldn't find the correct cell phone for Zack.  It shouldn't be too complicated for a pair from the 80s to devise some killer costumes, but there are some many options from which to choose.  Should I opt for my inner Madonna and do they still make acid wash jeans?  Should my husband consider wearing an MC Hammer outfit?  The options are really endless!

In the end, we dressed up as the legendary Run DMC.  I thought it was completely hilarious, and everyone else at the party did as well. I wore these rappers glasses and all. In the middle of the event, a friend leaned over and whispered to me that it must be difficult to feel sexy in the outfit I was wearing.  I laughed and said that while I might not appear sexy, I was very comfortable!  She was tip-toeing about on neck-breaking stiletto heels, and I was chilling in my Adidas kicks.  We both rocked on the dance floor that night, but I was the person who could walk away intact the following day.

The night made me think about various things, one being that I don't care much about my sexiness anymore.  Now that I am a mother of two and married, I don't concern myself with "curb appeal" as much as I used to when I was single.  In my single years, looking sexy was all I thought about; however, it's just not that important anymore.  I'm not sure why, though.

In my single days, it was about being attractive to find a guy.  Finding the boyfriend and finding the ideal husband.  The best way to gain this goal, or so I was made to believe, was to wear the skimpiest dress available.  Bare my midriff in tiny tops, wear some low-rise jeans, and match all of this with some impossibly high heels.  Of course, comfort is important as well.  I would like to be comfortable in my shoes, both metaphorically and literally nowadays.  So, is this why I don't give a darn about the impossibly high heels anymore?

The best holiday was always Halloween in my books.  It was a chance to bare all and wear as little as possible all in the name of Halloween.  Fishnets, the tiny skirt, a dress that is practically transparent - it all falls under the scope of the sexy Halloween costume made for singles on this festive night.  The thing is, last year I avoided all of this and donned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume because that was the option chosen by my child.  I don't mean the sexy TMNT; no, I mean I really had a turtle shell on my back along with a green vest and sweater while trick or treating.

Things have changed drastically in recent years.  I am now married, and a mother at that!  It is not as important to me to be considered as sexy as in previous years.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy getting dressed up for date nights with my love, and I have never met my girlfriends without spending at least one hour in the bathroom putting myself together.  When it is time to head on a night out, I will style my hair, put on tons of makeup and wear the strappy heels along with the best of them.

The thing is, as I said before, comfort is highly important to me.  I want to be metaphorically and literally comfortable in my everyday shoes.  I am happy with the person I am now, secure and happy in my marriage, and what passes for sexy in this world is completely different than it was during the dating phase.  My husband is a man who prefers girls without makeup, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and hanging about with their hair in a ponytail.  He did when we were single; it's only now that I'm brave enough to remove all my garb that I truly believe him.

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