Top Criteria for Choosing a Quality Skate T-Shirt

Skating is a great sport, and its popularity is increasing around the world. It is a sport that can keep you active and fit. As you have to train your body in ways so that you can keep balance, it builds up confidence in yourself as well. Like any other sports, it is important to choose the right clothing for skating. Here you will know about the top criteria for choosing a quality skate t-shirt.

Top criteria for choosing a quality skate t-shirt

Choosing the right sports apparel for your sport is important. For skating also, you need to choose the right outfit so that you can enjoy the sport. Here are the criteria for choosing a skate t-shirt.


This is the first criteria for choosing any sports t-shirt. You should feel comfortable wearing the t-shirt; otherwise, it will hamper your performance, and you won’t be able to enjoy skating. You should wear non-restrictive clothes. The t-shirt you wear should give you flexibility. Active clothing is very comfortable, and that’s why the brand has gained so much popularity. You can visit the Active Ride Shop for buying the best quality skate shirts.

Motion and breathability

The t-shirt you buy for skating should provide breathability and a wide range of motion. You should wear a t-shirt that will allow you to twist and turn easily. You should be able to raise your hands without any problem. Balancing is the most important thing in skating, and for that, you need to position your body the right way. If the t-shirt you are wearing it doesn’t let you move comfortably, then you won’t be able to skate properly.


You should buy a t-shirt of the right size. If it’s too loose, you won’t be able to move your body comfortably. If it’s too tight, then you will feel uncomfortable and won’t be able to move your body. You should measure your neck and chest. You should measure around the neck. Make sure that the measuring tape is not held too tight. You should then measure around the chest. Then choose the appropriate size of the t-shirt according to these measurements. The small size t-shirt has a neck measurement of 14.25’’ to 15’’ and chest size of 36’’ to 38’’. The largest size t-shirt has XX size with a neck measurement of 17.25’’ to 18.25’’ and chest measurement of 44’’ to 46’’. In between, you will get medium, large and X-large sizes of t-shirts.


Trends of T-shirts often change. If you want to keep up with the trend, you should buy skater brands. Among skate shirts, Active t-shirts are of good quality. If you buy a t-shirt from a reputed brand, then you won’t need to worry whether the t-shirt will be appropriate for skating or not. The quality of a branded t-shirt is good, and so it will be durable. The color won’t fade, and there won’t be any problem with the fabric even after long-term use. You can visit the branded shops for buying the best t-shirt for skating.


Cotton is the best fabric for skating as it is breathable and won’t feel that tight. You may sweat if you wear t-shirts of nylon or other fabric when you buy a t-shirt to make sure that you don’t sweat too much. If you choose a synthetic fabric, you should be careful that there is no allergic reaction. You won’t see too many skaters wearing a polyester t-shirt or nylon turtlenecks. So, sticking to a cotton t-shirt is the best option. Besides letting you twist and turn comfortably, cotton t-shirts also fit well.


Skaters choose different t-shirt design and styles. Some skaters like the casual style; whereas, others like the punk or hip-hop style. If you prefer the casual style, you should go for light colored plain t-shirts. If you like the punk style, then wear t-shirts of bold colors and images like skulls, blood, etc. You can wear tanks instead of t-shirts. If you have tattoos on your hand, tanks will allow you to show off the tattoos.

Graphic t-shirts are trendy, and you can choose the graphics according to your preference. If you follow the casual style, then tight jeans and the flat-soled shoe will go along well with it. For the punk or hip-hop look, you can put a leather jacket over your t-shirt. If you don’t like experimenting with your look, then a white t-shirt is perfect. Some people prefer wearing printed pants with cool logos along with the t-shirt.

Skaters have a unique style. They usually wear casual t-shirts, tight pants, and comfortable shoes. Sometimes the skaters have to layer up their clothes. This is because the weather is unpredictable and it can be warm at a time and then chilly at another time. Layering is not only functional; it looks great as well.

You should do some research and read reviews before buying skate t-shirts. You can read sports magazines to learn about the latest trend in skate clothing. Many people are influenced by the style of the skaters. You should also skate in style and make a fashion statement. So, choose your skate t-shirt carefully so that it is functional and stylish at the same time. It will let you perform at your best without feeling uncomfortable. It will also make you feel confident.

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