How To Fill Wood Holes

Do you have those annoying dents and holes in your furniture or doors and windows? Well if you do then I know just how annoying it is to look at them. Woods naturally has holes in them. Fortunately there’s a clear and proven way to get rid of them. And in this article I’ll tell you how to fill wood holes in a very easy and step by step process.

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  • Some nice wood filler.
  • A filling knife.
  • To mix the wood filler a block of wood is necessary.
  • Some sand paper.
  • A vibration pad sander. (Optional)

STEP-1: Get some wood fillers. These are some of the best wood fillers in the market.

STEP-2: Open the can of the wood filler. You may see that there’s a nice tube hardener and a spatula.

STEP-3: Put some wood filler about the size of a golf ball and put it on the block of wood. Open the hardener tube and take some hardener by pressing the tube gently about the size of a pea. Then mix the wood filler and the hardener thoroughly using the spatula.

STEP-4: Now use the filling knife and put on some of the mixture. Apply the mixture on the wood holes. Because it sounds so difficult you should leave as little residue as possible so that it is easier to use the sandpaper later on.

How To Fill Wood Holes

STEP-5: Fill as many holes and dents as possible. Leave enough so that the holes fill up but not so much that you can’t sand the wood.

STEP-6: Leave the fillers to dry for about twenty to thirty minutes.

STEP-7: After the fillers dry up you need to start sanding the holes. Before you start sanding put on a mask as it will prevent the dust from getting to your eyes and nose. Use a small block of wood and clamp it with a fairly medium sized wood paper. Then start sanding the wood holes. Make sure that you sand the holes thoroughly. Also make sure that when you are sanding the wood filler that you follow the grain of the wood. Sanding in the opposite direction of the grain will leave some ugly scratches on the wood floor.

Check out this awesome video on sanding wood in the most efficient way.

STEP-8: If you find using the sandpapers difficult and very lengthy then use the vibration pad sander over the wood holes. Don’t leave behind any holes as it would make the fillers visible and the furniture or whatever wood material you may be using may look bad.

STEP-9: After sanding is complete use a vacuum to clean to get rid of all the sanding residue cause you don’t want any dust to get into paint and ruin it.

STEP-10: If you are unsure about how to use the wood filler correctly then see the instructions.


Filling up holes in the wood is a lot easier than most people think. These sort of mundane tasks don’t have to be so difficult. Using wood filler and filling the hole will ensure that you house is well decorated and does not look clunky or messy. I hope this easy step by step guide about “how to fill wood holes” added some value to your daily life. Enjoy!

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