How to Get Deer to Come Out During the Day

Do you always wonder how to get deer to come out during the day? All hunting enthusiasts understand that this is not easy. Even when you know that deer are roaming the place at night, spotting them during the day can be a real challenge.

How to Get Deer to Come out During the Day Like a Pro?

Chasing whitetails is a part of the challenge that the whole hunting thing is about. You need to be well-prepared and extremely patient while building the whole thing so that the deer will come to you. There are a lot of strategies and techniques that you can use to make sure that the deer will come within your range. Nevertheless, you will have to understand that it takes time and a lot of practice.

Limit Its Options

One of the easiest ways to actually bring the deer to you is to limit its options. The deer will not naturally travel to your area. But if you place and arrange certain obstacles that block its way, it will find its way to you. For example, you can place woodpiles along the edges of a certain field where the deer will find certain openings. These openings will eventually lead to you so the deer is within the range of your bow or rifle. You can also try to down a tree forcing the deer to travel towards your direction. It is all about strategic planning and playing it cool.

Use Food

This is a no-brainer but deer actually love food. This means that you can play with it and strategically place it so that the deer will come towards you. You definitely have a hunting backpack with rifle scabbard that features extra storage. Pack enough food that deer will find delicious or make sure that you are hiding near a place where deer can find enough grass. Creating a successful food plot is all about proper planning.

Bring the Water

This is definitely a winner especially if you are hunting on a super hot day. You can try hunting near a water body or even create your very own. Deer love to drink and often find it hard to find water especially in hot weather. Solution? Bring a portable pool and place it where the deer can see it. Before you know it they will be gathered around trying to sip. This is when you will make your move.

Clear the Way

We said that you can bring the deer to you by placing obstacles that can force them to make choices that actually drive them close to you. You can also use another technique by clearing their paths so they find an easy route that will lead directly to you. Deer always prefer paths that are less resistant. These are paths that are free of obstacles or dangers, can lead to food and water, and seem easy to travel. Look for obstacles that deer will struggle with. Clear them and help the deer find their way where they can be a few yards away from you.

How to See More Deer While Hunting?

Who doesn’t want to see more deer? I guess we all do, but deer are usually very difficult to spot. There are a lot of reasons behind this phenomenon. First of all, deer are peaceful animals. They get dressed out very easily. Hot weather might stress them out. Winter might stress them out. They find it hard to enjoy themselves when there are a lot of predators around or when it is extremely loud. Moreover, they get stressed by other deer. This is why they tend to hide.

Deer live in groups and these groups are controlled by the oldest members. Those members pick certain spots where the whole group will live and eat based on fawning needs. If you want to see more deer then you need to pick areas that will have enough food for deer, especially during spring and summer.

Most hunters will go for older deer whenever they see a group. This affects the group dynamics and increases chaos which typically affects the way deer function. In order to help deer lead a normal life, you should make a smart decision regarding the individuals you will most likely target. It is safe to say that the decrease in the number of deer that we can naturally see in landscapes is directly related to poor decisions made by hunters that left the group in chaos.

Having said that, it is good to know that the whitetail’s population has been recovering over the past few decades. These animals learned to live in urban areas away from predators and hunters which gave them their population chance to grow. They chose to find new places to live where they are away and safe.

You can always find more deer by exploring areas that they consider safe. Browsing spots that present a lot of food and water won’t always work since food and water can be available in many places. Instead, you can go for places that deer will consider as a cover where they can hide from their main predator, hunters.

What Time of Day Are Deer Most Active?

Although hunters might be equipped with the best target shooting scopes, they might not be able to find any deer if they don’t know some basic facts about them.

Deer are amazing animals that can disappear in a blink, especially if you are not careful enough. This is why a lot of people think that these animals are nocturnal. This is not true because deer will have to feed 5 times a day. They might pick what seems to be the perfect cover, but this cover will not be suitable if it doesn’t provide adequate access to water and food. Although there are a lot of facts that you need to learn about deer, understanding that they are not nocturnal and can be seen at different times of the day is a precious piece of information.

Deer will always move discretely to avoid attracting attention. They will probably move around the times of dusk and dawn. This when the daytime animals go to bed while the nocturnal animals think about what they are going to do for the rest of the day. A deer will find this period suitable to go out and seek food and water without worrying about an encounter with one of the predators.

The breeding season starts in October and ends in January. Deer will be highly active during this period. Deer will usually wake up at 10 or 11 and wander around, but they will not look for food. They usually stretch and then go back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours. Their biggest meal is usually at night where they can hide fast when they hear the slightest sound.

Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer in Early Season:

A lot of hunters prefer hunting in the early season. The weather is usually great and the temperature allows hunters to enjoy their time to the maximum. The early season is less stressful for hunters because they get to see a lot of deer in the open.

Some hunters prefer to hunt in the morning while others swear that you can only see the deer in the afternoon. These times are cooler for the deer so they might be wandering around. Since the temperature will still be rather high, deer will most likely feel hot as they are putting on their winter coats. They will most likely be looking for food when the sun is not that strong. Head to a water source and wait for the deer to come in the early morning, or right before sunset. This time of the year is going to be less stressful for the deer so they will move freely. Unlike the hot summer season, the deer will think about spending more time in the open during the daytime.

Understanding the patterns of deer behavior will improve the results of your hunting expedition. If you tend to ask yourself how to get deer to come out during the day, then you need to be more patient. Keep on waiting until the deer feel safe enough to come close to you. Deer will move freely during the daytime and it is up to your trained eye to make the right move.

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