How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping?

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Camping is a lifetime experience. You get to live outdoors away from home in the middle of nature. When you go out camping, you need to pack a lot of things so that you don’t get into any uncomfortable situation. A power generator is one of the things you should carry as you don’t know whether power will be available at the campsite or not. The loud buzz sound of the generator is very unpleasant, and it can disrupt your sleep during camping. So, if you know how to make a generator quiet for camping, you will be able to enjoy your camping more.

Packing for Camping

As you will be staying outdoors for some days when you go on camping, you should make sure that you have packed all the necessary items needed for your survival. You should carry proper clothes, shoes, food, water, flashlight, cell phone, chargers, first aid, etc. You should also take a cot for camping so that you can sleep comfortably anywhere. A high wind canopy will also be useful for protecting you from strong wind or rain. You should always be prepared for harsh weather conditions. A compact generator should be another necessary item in your packing list. It will help you if there is no power supply on your campsite.

How to Make a Generator Quiet for Camping?

A power generator can be very helpful when you go out camping. But the irritating noise of the generator may wake you up in the middle of the night. There are many ways you can make the generator quieter.


The vibrations of the generator make most of the noise. So, you can reduce the noise by placing the generator on rubber legs.

Place It in the Right Location

You should place the generator far away from where you are sleeping. That way the sound won’t be louder. But if you place it near you, the sound can be very disturbing.

The Energy Level

You should put the generator on high power; the noise will be loud. But if you put in low power, it will be quieter.

Install Sound Deflectors

A sound deflector turns the path of the noise. It will divert the noise away from you. It is a simple way to reduce the noise of the generator.

Enclose It

You should make an enclosure for the generator. You can make the surface and walls out of bricks or walls. If you can make the enclosure fireproof, it will be better. There should be proper ventilation; otherwise, the heat will build up.

The Direction of the Exhaust Pipes

When the pipes are turned horizontally, the noise is blown horizontally, so it is louder. When the pipes are turned vertically, the noise will be much low.

Replace the Muffler

You should replace your present muffler with a bigger and quieter one. The mufflers let the exhaust air pass through and make the noiseless. The air is passed through the splitters that reduce the loudness of the generator.

Some Tips to Consider

Besides applying these simple adjustments to your generator, you should also remember the following tips to reduce the sound of your generator.

  • You must inspect the exhaust of the generator from time to time. If soot collects on the pipe, then the generator will produce more sound. So, you should keep the exhaust pipe clean.
  • Don’t install your generator on a wooden floor. The wood will amplify the sound making it noisier.
  • If you haven’t bought a generator yet for your camping trip, then make sure you buy one that produces less noise. Generators that have inverter technology produces less sound.


A generator is an essential item when you go camping. You will need electrical power to light up the tent, charge your cell phones and torches. You should let the noise of your generator spoil your camping expedition. By knowing how to reduce the sound of the generator, you will be able to sleep well during camping.

There are many models of generators available in the market. Most modern generators have inverter technology that is less noisy. These models have noise mufflers and eco-modes that will lower the noise. These are compact as well so you will be able to carry them around comfortably. The eco-modes will reduce the harmful impact on the environment. An enclosure can reduce the pollution level also. So, before going on camping, make necessary arrangements to reduce the sound of your generator.

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