How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting?

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Long range shooting is getting popular. There are lots of products now available in the market that can help you with long-range shooting. Shooting scope is one of them. If you want to take the perfect long-range shot using a scope, then you need to know how to use a scope for long range shooting.

How to Use a Scope for Long Range Shooting?

Scopes can improve accuracy for long range shooting. You should buy a target shooting scope for long range shooting. It magnifies the image of your target so that you can shoot perfectly. You will find different models of scopes in the market whose magnification various from 1 to 50. Stronger magnification won’t necessarily make you a good shooter. There are other factors involved as well.

Hunters need to use binoculars for long distance shooting. Though some hunters stick to the rifle scope, it is not enough. A binocular can provide higher magnification power, and so you will be able to view images more precisely. You should read hunting binocular reviews before purchasing a binocular. If you have decided to use rifle scope, then here are some tips for using the scope properly.

  • You should first buy the right mounting equipment. Make sure that the mounting equipment matches with the design of your scope.
  • Then you need to align the reticle. You should rotate the scope until the reticle is right side up.
  • You should learn about the different parts of the scope. You should know the terms objective lens, elevation, shoulder, windage, parallax, etc.
  • Scopes can have single or variable power lens. Unlike single lens scope, variable power lens provides various levels of magnification.
  • A scope model number has two elements; the first is the level of magnification and the second is the diameter of the objective lens. You should choose the scope model according to your objective.
  • You should make various adjustments. First, you need to find out the right eye relief distance from the scope. If the magnification is strong, the eye relief will be narrow. Most scopes have eye relief between 3 and 9 inches.
  • You should then center the reticle and position it over the target.
  • You should be consistent when firing the rounds and see where you hit. For example, if you are firing consistently on the left of the target, then you should adjust the windage to the right. If you are firing on the right of the target, then adjust the windage to the left.
  • If you are hitting the target too high, you should adjust the elevation.
  • In some scope models, you will be able to adjust the parallax.
  • You should now zero the rifle scope. Depending on how you do it, your shooting results will be affected.
  • By zeroing the rifle, you will be able to hit your target from a distance.
  • You should first adjust your eyepiece. Then you need to rotate the eyepiece counter-clockwise for focusing the reticle. You should stop when it reaches the stop mark. Then rotate the eyepiece clockwise slowly until the reticle appears sharp.

Challenges of Long-range Shooting

Long range shooting is exciting, but it is challenging as well. Many factors can affect your shooting. Determining the distance to the target is difficult. You need to adjust the elevation of the shot. You need to consider environmental factors like air temperature and wind. Air temperature affects the flight of the bullet. In warm air, for example, the bullet has less resistance. Wind can affect the way the bullet will drift.


You should read reviews before buying a scope for your rifle. Knowing how to use the scope properly can help you hit the target more precisely. You need to keep your scope in good condition so that you can use it again and again. You should cover the lenses of the scope to prevent any scratches. You must clean the lens using a brush regularly to remove dirt. If you take good care of your scope, it will last for years. 

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