How to Use Cannabis Oil for Pain

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Cannabis oil is slowly gaining popularity for pain management. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain every year. Such pain can affect anyone at some point in time. The medical treatments that are available may have side effects. For example, if you use aspirin or ibuprofen regularly, then it can be dangerous. Cannabis oil is a natural remedy for pain relief. Many studies have proven that cannabis oil is very effective for pain. You should know how to use cannabis oil for pain properly for best results.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is an extract from the cannabis plants. When it is unprocessed, it contains about 100 active ingredients just like those in the plant. Two of these ingredients are CBD and THC. When cannabis oil is extracted from hemp plants, it contains more CBD, and if it’s collected from skunk plants, it contains more THC. The cannabis oils that are used for the medicinal purposes contain CBD. So, you won’t feel ‘high.’

Benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis oil can be used to ease many pains. Many diseases can be excruciating. CBD pain relief is a natural way of easing your condition.


Arthritis pain occurs due to inflamed joints. People who have arthritis feel the pain in hands, knees, and feet. Cannabis oil can reduce inflammation and so relieve pain.

Multiple sclerosis

Muscle spasms occur due to multiple sclerosis. The pain can be unbearable. It causes your body to become stiff, and you will find it difficult to move. Cannabis oil can reduce these spasms.

Chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain for a long time, it can affect the quality of your life. If you suffer from chronic pain at the back or any other area of the body, you can feel better by using cannabis oil.

Chemotherapy pain

Chemotherapy is given to the cancer patients, and it can be very painful. The patients experience vomiting tendency and nausea. Their body feels weak. Cannabis oil can reduce body aches.

Menstrual pain

Intense cramping during the menstrual cycle is very common among women. You can get relief from this pain with cannabis oil.

Before using cannabis oil for relieving any pain, it is always recommended that you speak to a doctor. You should take the right dosage to ensure that no side effects occur.

How to use cannabis oil for pain?

There are different ways you can use cannabis oil for pain management. The type of method you use depends on your preference. Here are the options you have:

  • You can apply a few drops under the tongue. This way the cannabis oil will reach your bloodstream faster. You should know the correct quantity to use from a doctor. You can use a dropper to put the oil under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds. Within this time the oil will be absorbed to your bloodstream through the blood vessels under your tongue.
  • You can eat edibles. These are foods like cookies, brownies, etc. that are baked with cannabis oil.
  • You can eat edibles. These are foods like cookies, brownies, etc. that are baked with cannabis oil.
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    It can be applied to affected areas as topical creams. You can use it to massage your sore muscles. You can see the effects quickly.
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    You can inhale cannabis oil through a vaporizer. It can have an immediate impact on your body. You can find e-liquid or vape cartridges. You only need first to exhale the air from your lungs and then inhale it through the mouthpiece for about three seconds. Hold it for some time and then exhale.
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    You can use cannabis concentrates. All you need to do is sprinkle some of it inside the vaporizer. Then ignite it and inhale.

There can be some side effects of using cannabis oil. These include diarrhea, tiredness, weight loss, changes in appetite, etc. Cannabis oil dosage can vary from 2.5 mg to 1,000 mg. So, you should know the recommended dosage from a doctor. If you are suffering from pain, then use one of these ways to get cannabis oil into your bloodstream to get relief from the pain.

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