Girl Develops Acne, Then Vapes

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Bianca was the queen bee of her high school. All the girls wanted to be like her and all the boys wanted to be with her. If she did something then it would be a trend in the entire school. Her beauty was a matter of talk even in other schools and her neighbourhood. And Bianca was proud of it, so much proud that she never considered other’s feeling and continued stepping on their emotions. She made friends with girls who were almost ten years older than her because she thought that it would make her look cooler. But slowly, Bianca stopped coming to school. Someday she would come and leave the school in the middle and someday she wouldn’t attend at all. That way, people started forgetting about her and in the same way; she vanished from the lives of people.

One day, Melody was walking out of the salon where she thought she noticed a familiar face of a girl. The face seemed familiar but was completely different from what we used to look like before.

“Are you Bianca?” Melody asked the girl.

“No, I am not. Who are you?” the girl was furious.

“Oh! My goodness. You are Bianca, aren’t you? I recognize your voice. But what’s wrong with your face. You used to be so darn pretty!” Melody was surprised.

“You’ve got the wrong person. I am not Bianca or anything. And I’ve always been this ugly since forever. Let go of me!” the girl insisted.

“Oh! Bianca. You can tell me about it. Do you remember me? I’m Melody. We were together in music class. I helped you tune your guitar on the first day.”

“Yeah! I remember you now.”

Bianca was surprised that somebody could remember her just because of her voice. She always thought that her most beautiful asset was her face which was not so much helpful now.

“Wow! You’ve transformed completely, B. What happened? What’s wrong?” Melody seemed curious.

Bianca seemed hesitant about it. She had never thought that she would encounter someone from her old school that way. She had never thought that her face, which was now covered with acne and acne scars could be recognized at this stage by someone who had only seen the beauty side of it.

“Why don’t we meet again for coffee? Then we can talk all about it. Here’s my phone number. I’ll see you this Saturday. Okay?” Melody handed over her card to Bianca.

“Okay.” Bianca promised to meet again.

That Saturday when they met, Bianca explained to Melody that she was an avid smoker and as she continued her smoking habit, acnes started appearing on her face. Then it started spreading all over her body. But she could still not give up smoking. So she had to change schools because she knew that she couldn’t attend the same school with an acne covered face like that.

Melody felt so sorry for Bianca. She wanted to help Bianca to regain her confidence with her beauty and she also wanted to help her quit smoking.

“You know, B. My dad had also been a pack a day smoker for 10 long years. But now he is totally alright and has given up smoking completely. He used this e-cigarette called vape, which has not only helped him quit this habit but also improved his health.” Melody explained to Bianca.

“Well, I’ve heard about vaping for a few times. But I’m not sure if it is of any help.” Bianca seemed confused.

“In that case, I can assure you because my dad has been using it for the last two years and he says that it’s the best decision of his life.”

Bianca looked hopefully at Melody. After they finished their coffee, they went around to buy new vaping kit for B. When Bianca started vaping space jam vape juice and quit cigarettes, she realised that her acne were slowly disappearing and her skin had a different glow. She could then majorly focus on her music and feel more confident about it because she looked confident now.

“All thanks to Melody and her advice to help me quit smoking by introducing me to vape.” Bianca explained in her interview with the musical magazine, years later.

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