How to Wear An Ankle Brace?

Are you participating in any activities that require fast-paced weight changes? Or are you wearing one because of an ankle injury? Whatever the reason may be you probably need a top quality ankle brace. Many athletes wear ankle braces to prevent injuries and so does people with ankle injuries. Back in 1990s ankle braces were becoming more and more common and were popping up almost everywhere. Using ankle braces is becoming more and more common as chances of getting an injury increases. But you’re probably not sure how to wear an ankle brace like most people. In that case you don’t need to worry because we’ll walk you through a step by step guide of wearing ankle braces in this post.


As with any other products you should first unpack your ankle brace neatly and delicately.


Slip your foot through the brace with the tongue of your foot and your heel at the back of the brace


Lace up the heel. And make sure you lace it in a delicate manner.


Make sure that there’s half inch to two and a half inches of space left between the middle of the lacing eyelets. If the separation is more than two and a half inches you need the next larger size. If there’s no separation at all you need the smaller size.

How to wear an ankle brace?


Tie the laces. Make sure you tie them tightly. But not so tight that your ankle hurts and also not so loose that you don’t feel the hold of the brace.


Take the medial strap across the top of your foot and wrap it under your heel and attach the end of it to the upper side of your brace.


Take the outside lateral strap across the top of your foot and wrap it under your heel and attach the end of it to the upper side of your brace


Readjust the stabilizing straps with your foot on the floor.


Finally wrap the elastic cuff over the tied laces and secured straps with the logo of your brace facing forward.


Lastly walk a little and see if you’re feeling comfortable or not that’d enable you get used to the whole feeling of the ankle after wearing the brace. It’d also let you figure out the areas of discomfort.


As you can see wearing an ankle brace isn’t nearly as complicated as most people think. If you know how to wear an ankle brace then it’d save your time and energy which are really valuable resources that constantly gets depleted. At the end of the day it all comes down to your level of comfort and maneuverability. But don’t forget ankle braces aren’t going to protect you 100% from injuries so make sure you take a clear and concise decision. A brace can increase the chances of preventing ankle injuries. As they say “prevention is better than cure”. If you are confused about which ankle brace to purchase then this list of the best ankle braces may help you out. So what are you waiting for? Lace up and move!

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