Is Running on a Treadmill Good for You?

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The treadmill is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in helping people lose weight and keep in shape. You will find people on treadmills in the gyms. Many choose to buy it for their home as well. The treadmill is an excellent alternative to running outside. But is running on a treadmill good for you? According to various studies, the treadmill is very useful for losing weight, and we are going to discuss the benefits of using treadmill here.

Is running on a treadmill good for you?

You will see various kinds of treadmills in every sports shop. The demand for the treadmill is more now as people are too busy to find time for walking or jogging outside the home. You will find treadmills in the office as well so that employees can take care of their health while they work.

You will find a treadmill for small spaces, so you can easily fit it inside your room. After use, you can fold them and store it somewhere safe. So, if you are thinking of losing weight and getting into shape, buying a treadmill will be the right decision. Here are the reasons you should run on a treadmill.

Feels the Same

Many people assume that running on the treadmill is harder than running outside. But if you can set the treadmill to 1% incline, then you will need the same energy to run. So, you won’t feel any difference.

Better for Your Joints

When you run outside, the pavement may not be smooth always. When you run on a treadmill, the surface is always smooth. So, there will be less impact on your joints.

Change Workout Levels

The advanced treadmills have features that let you choose the speed and inclination level. So, you can increase your speed or choose to walk uphill or downhill. You can prepare yourself for a race by running on a treadmill. The advanced treadmills let you create your unique course profile. So, you can stimulate the same course you are training for.

Weather Is Not a Problem

When you run or walk outside, you need to look at the weather forecast. It will be difficult for you to walk on a rainy day or very cold weather. When you walk on a treadmill, your exercise routine won’t be affected by weather.

You Can Do HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a very effective form of exercise. You can do HIIT using the treadmill. The short bursts of intense exercises are better than the conventional cardio. If you can do 20-minute sessions for twice a week, you will be able to lower your body weight and tone up your muscles. With a treadmill, you can do a 60-second power walk and then a 30-second jog. Then you can do a 15-minutes sprint and then slow strolling for recovery. Doing 8 to 10 repetitions can get you in great shape. Remember to start off slow in the beginning and then slowly increase the speed.

How Long Should You Workout in Treadmill?

You should exercise for the right duration to get the most benefit out of it. If the duration of exercise is too less, you won’t get any benefit from using a treadmill. If the duration is too much, it can be harmful. So, as a rule of thumb, you should exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day on the treadmill. On average, you should exercise for 150 -450 minutes every week.


The treadmill is great for runners who are recovering from injury. You can avoid running on concrete or asphalt by running on a treadmill. So, there will be less chance of further injury. You can get cardiovascular benefits by walking on treadmills.

Using treadmills, you can burn calories easily. It can be helpful in managing chronic conditions like cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you want to exercise without any stress, the treadmill is the best option.

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