Keep Your Home Safe with These Garage Door Security Tips

Truth be told, your automatic garage door is not secure just because there’s a code or a garage door opener. While it may be very easy to deal with a Garage Door Installation, thieves can find many ways in which they can deal with an automatic door. 

We’re here to give you some tips on how to keep your garage and home safe.

Don’t leave it the garage door open. Duh!

You need to make sure that the door is not left open. This is crucial, especially if you’re not home. We know, it goes without saying, but it’s very easy to forget about it when you’re in a hurry to get at work. You install a wifi garage door opener system, perhaps one that can be controlled from your smartphone. Make sure you get one with a sensor and an internet hub. With this, your phone will get a notification when your garage door opens and closes. However, make sure you don’t get tricked when the family has many members going in and out.

Get a garage door opener timer

A timer is a very good choice and can be installed by a qualified garage contractor.  Timmers provide piece of mind for when the garage door was left opened after you left the house, or when you come home and headed to bed. There will be some times in which you’ll leave the garage door opened for some time – if you’re working in the yard or you’re cleaning out the garage. The timer needs to be easy to handle, in case you need to turn it off temporarily.

Get one that has specific periods of times, like 5 minutes, 15 minutes or maybe a few hours. Also, make sure that it has an “off” button, so you won’t have to deal with the garage door closing.

If your unsure of which options are best check out this article on smart home garage door openers.

Block any windows in the garage

We understand that windows are very important when it comes to natural light, but they’re a very easy way for thieves to come in. You might want to cover them with blinds or frost the windows – this way, the light will still come in, but no one would be able to see what’s inside the garage. You can use a spray for this. It’s very easy to apply, and it won’t take you long. 

Besides for installing garage door openerthat is more secure, make sure you also lock the doors that lead from the garage to the house. They’re basically one of the main entrances in the house, so you need to lock them as if they were your front door. Keep them locked when you’re not at home and make sure you double check. You might want to get a smart lock to be more secured.

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