8 Ways to Get More Product Reviews

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The title seems self-explanatory doesn’t it? While some people will tell you “sell more product”, you need not listen to these people as that is a common sense answer, but doesn’t entail how to do all of the above. In this article, we’re going to tell you about 8 ways to get more product reviews,as shared by Official Top 5 Review, and provide ways to get them from your customers.

1.Use a good rating platform

One of the biggest things when it comes to ratings and reviews is the platform you’re using. From most user experiences, the simple “5 star” platform is the best, with the option to choose the stars, and give your own customer feedback. It’s also the most widely used and the most popular.

2.Answer questions regularly

Many customers will have questions after they purchase something. You’ll notice that you may have questions asked numerous times on sites like Amazon if you’re selling on there. Always include a Q&A section, but make sure you are the one answering all of the questions instead of letting other users do it for you. This shows excellent customer service and can get you more reviews.

3.Encourage customers to write with a post-E-mail marketing plan

Get those e-mails going. By having somewhere that you’re going to send the user an e-mail for a product review upon purchase, they will automatically be added to your list, and you can generate a solid marketing plan from there to automatically have forms sent to their e-mail so they’ll review your product in your campaign.

4.Give customers small surveys for your products

Customers don’t want to take a long time reviewing your product (unless they have a negative experience of course, which they’ll rant and rave about). Give them small short quick surveys along with a “review” rating to choose from.

5.Reward your customers for their reviews

You can offer numerous incentives, and even small discounts. If someone sees that they’ll save 10% on a product that costs $30 (even though it doesn’t cost you that much to actually have it in stock), you better believe that they’ll go for it in a heartbeat. Another way is to offer “referral coupons” by allowing them to review and refer their friends to choose the product you purchased. Never underestimate the power of a sale.

6.Make Your Review Forms Optimized for Mobile Devices

It’s a new world, and mobile technology is the primary way customers shop as well as review. Make sure your content fits well on mobile devices in order to get more reviews.

7.Use social media to get reviews

Use the power of Facebook, Chatbots, and more in order to get more reviews. You can even do suggestive sales with this method, so why not give people follow-up questions in their social media inbox?

8.Offering a sampling program

Offering a sample program allows people to try a product, then when they like it, most of the time, they’ll buy it and review it. And don’t underestimate negative reviews either. Many times, these can be used to help you in sales as well.

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