Maximizing time: 5 Top Tips for US Travelers

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Life’s always more fun when you’re traveling —but are you making the most of your travel time?

Here are five top tips to help you maximize every minute on your next getaway.


While it’s great to be spontaneous as a traveler, it also pays to be prepared, so before you jet off, make yourself a travel itinerary highlighting must-see spots.

You don’t have to plan your vacation to a T, but with a rough plan, you can start saving time before you’ve even left home.

So work out what the best modes of transport are and determine the best order in which to visit places in advance, so that you can focus on doing, not planning, when you arrive.  

If you’re not sure where to start, check out this WikiHow itinerary guide.

Research where to eat  

You’d be surprised how much time can be taken up by deliberating over where to eat.

To save time, research the food available in the area you’re visiting – check reviews, prices, and locations of food outlets. You don’t need to plan the exact places you’ll eat, but if you have an idea of what’s available, you’ll spend less time agonizing over it when hunger strikes.

Remember, food can be a fun and important part of the travel experience, so take the time to factor it in to your plans.  

Overnight travel

If there’s a long distance between your desired destinations, consider options like an overnight train. This will save you time because you can sleep during the journey and savecash on overnight accommodation.

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll wake up refreshed and raring to go on a new adventure, with a full day to fill with fun.

If you’re thinking of traveling around Europe, check out the night trains on Eurail.

Think on the go

Once you’re abroad, don’t waste time sitting inside mulling over things you can do and think on the move instead.

Take a walk around the area you’re staying in —not only can this uncover new activities, it also means you’re seeing the sights and immersing yourself in your new surroundings.

Sometimes having no plan at all can be a good thing, but just make sure that you’re doing something worthwhile with this time because every moment matters when you’re traveling.

Drive to the airport

Public transport can be great, but it can also be very restrictive, sotravel by your own timetable by driving to the airport and arrive at the time that’s best for you.

Plan your route in advance and have a back-up route ready in case of any disruptions, setting up radio alerts for traffic. You can alsofind early-bird deals on US airport parking

As long as you’ve prepared, driving can help maximize your time and minimize your stress levels.

These five awesome tips will help you maximize enjoyment and minimize hassle on your vacay.

What are your tips for maximizing travel time? Share in the comments.

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