Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Open-plan houses are exceptionally popular. This is largely because preparing food has become more than just the need for survival, it’s now a great way to entertain.

But, the problem with traditional kitchens is that the cook is isolated from the guests, that’s not a lot of fun if you’re the cook and they’re your guests. Hence, the move to open-plan houses and open concept kitchens.

The open plan house allows you to be cooking and still feel a part of what else is going on. It doesn’t even have to be a dinner party, you’ll be able to engage with your children and significant other.

The open concept kitchen takes this a stage further, by creating an open space you’ll be increasing your view of the rest of the house and you’ll be creating an area where people can sit and chat, while you cook. The kitchen is, after all, the heart of your home.

In fact, this same principle is now being utilized when creating outdoor kitchens, which is why every kitchen should be a personalized affair that will ensure it reflects your personality and works for your style of cooking and living.

Let’s take a look at the elements of great open concept kitchen ideas

The Central Island

This is the key part where you’ll be preparing food and chatting to people at the same time. That means you need to put a sink in this area and plenty of space to prepare food. You may want to add the stovetop but, you’ll need to consider if the noise and smells will interfere with the conversation.

It’s generally a better idea to situate the cooker and stovetop to the side, allowing you to stay involved in conversations without saturating your guests with the smells of cooking.

Don’t forget you’ll want some seats at the central island, that means giving people enough room t tuck their legs under the central island.


The next most important part of an open concept kitchen is access. In the perfect world, you’ll have access from all sides, but the layout of your home may not make this feasible. However, you should be able to access from two sides and have enough room between the central island and the side cupboards for two people to fit past each other.

This will help to reduce stress while you’re cooking and allow others to help you.

Smart Storage

Open concept kitchens mean there are fewer tall cupboards, this can make it challenging to find enough space for all your kitchen appliances. Fortunately, there are plenty of innovative solutions available, such as the sliding rack. These can give you the space you need without interrupting the flow of the kitchen.

The Triangle

Don’t forget that all kitchens should have a triangle with the oven, refrigerator, and sink at each of the points. This is the best layout for an efficient kitchen, which is a blessing when you’re talking as you cook.

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