Buying A Home – Selecting The Near Perfect Location

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Finding the ideal home can be an exhausting process especially if this is going to be your first home. You will have the certain imagination of your dream home and also many things to consider which may not come together immediately. However, with many people doing the same there are some sure shot tips and ways for you to know what will work best for you. These five tips are from the most experienced estate agents and surveyors, including one of the best housing companies, Wyndham Ridge.

Rural or Urban?

There is a huge difference in an urban and rural home and living. The answer to this should be based on your family size, education provisions for children, nearness to essential grocery and home needs, hospital and emergency care, entertainment and so on.

The Topography

The area you choose to live in will have a direct impact on your lifestyle and social life. If you are planning to move in permanently, take your time to research about the lifestyle of the country and whether it will suit your current lifestyle; for example, job opportunities, climate, society, the average cost of living and closeness to relatives and friends.

Easy Access to School

If you are a family with kids, it is always a good decision to choose an area which is closer to a good school or some good schools. Some people start home hunting with school hunting as the first step and then look for other parameters. An area with good public schools is a wise choice so that you don’t have to spend too much on either a private school or the transport for the public school. Some builders may charge you a premium just because of the presence of good schools in the neighborhood. It’s important to check whether paying the premium is better or choosing another area with private schools nearby. There is no general rule, and the decision can only be made a case by case.

Community and Surroundings

Choose a location where you don’t have to put too many efforts to adjust to the lifestyle and other changes. Pick the areas where most people are of the same level economically or intellectually so that you can have good interaction with your neighbors. Check the accessibility to important places like supermarket, hospital, gas station, school, and office. If you are planning to live in a community, be prepared to embrace some rules and regulations for usage of common resources while enjoying the benefits of a large community.

Certain areas may be more prone to natural disasters like fire, earthquakes or floods, which can be an expensive affair. Research well and then decide whether the pros are really outweighing the cons for such areas.

Distance to Workplace

This is another important factor considering you are spending so much on your dream home to have some quality time with family and have a comfortable living. But, if you have to travel a long distance or the journey is through a traffic prone zone, the purpose of buying even a posh and costly home will be lost. If you have a stable job, consider buying a home that is nearby so that you can even have a surprise lunch with your partner occasionally by coming home.

Proximity to Family, Friends, and Relatives

Even if you have the biggest or prettiest house, there should be people in and around to make life lively and easy. If you feel lonely, there should be someone whom you can go to, have a cup of tea and relax. If your friends or family stay in a neighborhood and are happy with it, take this as a positive point for that area. It is always a plus to have dependable and trustworthy people around.

Proximity to Entertainment Options

Most of the communities have a club house nowadays, which has some recreational activities. However, those are the bare minimum, and you may sometimes want to break away from the usual routine and do some thing different. If you like to spend some really calm and cool weekends, you may want to have a home with resort options nearby. If you are a movie and shopping buff, you may want to live close to a mall or multiplex. If you prefer spending weekends and holidays sleeping at home or watching tv, don’t even bother about this point.

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