Why Should I Wear Knee Brace to Bed?

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A knee injury can occur due to various reasons. It is a common form of sports injury, but it can also happen after knee surgery.  If you have an ACL surgery or lateral release surgery, then you need to use a knee brace to recover.  A knee injury can be painful, and it can take a long time to heal. You may need to go to a physical therapist for many months. Besides therapy, your doctor or therapist may recommend you to use a knee brace. In such case, many patients wonder ‘Should I wear knee brace to bed?’ Well, yes as it will help in healing.

Why should I wear knee brace to bed?

If you have undergone knee surgery, then the doctor may recommend wearing a knee brace even to bed so that the joint stays in place. When you have a sports injury, you may suffer from knee pain, and it may even disrupt your sleep. In such condition, wearing a knee brace to bed can give you some relief. Also, many people toss and turn during sleep quite often. If you are suffering from a knee injury, then you may feel more pain due to your movement. A knee brace will provide full support to your knee.

ACL tear is a common type of knee injury. It takes about nine months to recover. Some people even need surgery. You must buy the best brace for ACL tear to speed up the recovery process.

Benefits of wearing a knee brace

There are two benefits of wearing a knee brace. It can provide structural support, and it can relieve your knee pain caused by injury or surgery. Just like sport ankle support that protects the ankle from sprain or twisting, a knee brace can help to keep the knee in proper place. That is, it supports the knee, especially if you are recovering from a knee injury.

If you are involved in sports, then a knee brace can prevent knee injury. Football players often wear knee braces. Football is a sport that requires sudden turns and lateral movement as well. It can move the ligaments and bones in inappropriate ways. So, a knee brace can protect the knee from any significant injury.

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, then you can get comfort wearing a knee brace. You can find different types of knee braces. For example, an unloader brace can take out the stress caused due to arthritis. The brace is specially designed to restrict any side movement.

How to sleep wearing a knee brace?

You should follow some rules while sleeping wearing a knee brace. First, you need to check the hook, straps, etc. to make sure that the knee brace fits properly. You must lie on your back. You can also sleep on the sides but use pillows so that your back is in a comfortable position. You should elevate your knee area by placing a pillow below your foot and ankle. Pillow made from memory foam is a good choice in this case as it will give you the ultimate comfort.

If you don’t wear the knee brace properly, you won’t get the support you require for your knee. If the brace is too loose, it will fall off. If it is too tight, it may affect blood circulation. You may notice swelling or numbness in your leg. So, before buying a knee brace, first measure the girth of your knee and choose a knee brace of the same size.

You can apply ice on the affected area before putting on the knee brace. It will reduce the pain and give you more comfort. It will also prevent knee swelling or knee inflammation. Wearing the knee brace day and night can cause the skin around your knee to dry out. It may feel itchy, and you may get rashes, too. To avoid such condition, you can apply moisturizer in the knee area and wait for sometime before wearing the knee brace again.

You can prevent knee injuries or pain by exercising regularly. Stretching every day is very important before any exercise to prevent any sudden pressure on the knee. You should also try to maintain good body weight. If you are overweight, you will be putting extra pressure on the knee. So, always maintain a healthy diet.